VanillaSoft and Autoklose Users
Million Active Prospects in the Database
Billion Calls Made
Million Cadence Steps Executed

Most Powerful Sales Engagement Platform on the Market

VanillaSoft’s core philosophy is centered around The Power of Simplicity – allowing our SMB customers in real-world industries such as higher education, insurance, and manufacturing to achieve increased productivity, higher contact rates, and better sales accountability.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, VanillaSoft keeps your sales team focused on what is really important – engaging more leads and making more sales.

Meet Our Leadership Team

David Hood


Simon Gregoire

VP of R&D

Genie Parker


Kevin Baker

Director of Product Management

Lynn Daviault

Director of Customer Support

Marie-Pierre Linttell

Talent Acquisition and HR Director

Maggie Tsang

Head of Accounting

Daniel Sims

Director of Customer Success

Shawn Finder

GM of Sales

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