Dallas, Texas – (September 23th, 2009) – VanillaSoft announced today that its latest release set for September 25th will include Google Mapping allowing users of VanillaSoft to map the location of contacts and set appointments. In an interview, Ken Murray, founder, stated “this is a very natural progression for us. More and more of our existing customers and new customers are deploying VanillaSoft not only for their inside lead generation and appointment setting efforts but also to their outside field reps. It is incumbent on us to place into our customer’s hands the very best tools and resources available to help them sell more by becoming more efficient.”

In addition to Google Mapping the release contains enhancements to both custom fields and the scheduling of callbacks. Custom fields can now be converted to formula fields and used to do on-the-fly calculations as information is gathered during a call. Scripting can be used to walk sales people through the information gathering process and provide instant feedback such as qualified loan amounts or rebate amounts right in the script. This powerful new feature is perfect for customized calling in many different industries.

VanillaSoft has now also introduced the concept of the team callback. Callbacks can now be booked either by an individual or to a team, so they will be routed to the first available individual in that team at the requested time and date. This is perfect for companies that work in shifts to ensure that callbacks never get missed..
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VanillaSoft, is an emerging leader in on-demand software for inside sales teams, VanillaSoft comes with a host of feature sets that includes auto dialing, next best call routing, recording and real-time monitoring. VanillaSoft allows for team based selling, multiple leads sources flowing in and guarantees that no lead will get lost in the system or just sit in an inbox uncalled.
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