VanillaSoft, an award-winning provider of queue-based lead management and appointment setting software for Inside Sales Teams, announced that three executives have been nominated as one of the ”40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management for 2016,” in the Sales Lead Management Association’s annual election. The nominations are as follows:

  • David Hood, CEO, nominated in the category of B2B and B2C C-Level Management
  • Genie Parker, COO, nominated in the category of People in Software and Web Applications that Pertain to Sales Lead Management
  • Guy De La Cruz, Vice President of Sales, nominated in the category of B2B and B2C Marketing Management and Sales Management

James W. Obermayer, CEO of the SLMA, said, “The nature of sales lead management has evolved thanks to the increased availability of data. With all the information that companies can track and measure, sales & marketing leaders can quickly become overwhelmed or rely on the wrong data. Effective sales lead management requires leaders who can handle these complexities and translate them into sales success. These nominees are doing just that.”

“I am honored to receive a nomination as one of this year’s ‘40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management.’ It’s exciting to be recognized with other sales and marketing influencers,” said Genie Parker.

Guy De La Cruz, Vice President of Sales at VanillaSoft, said, “As a new executive member of the VanillaSoft team, I am very pleased to be nominated along with Genie and David. This recognition by others in the sales lead management community is an honor.”

David Hood echoed Ms. Parker’s and Mr. De La Cruz’s sentiments, “Genie, Guy, and I are pleased to receive these nominations from our peers. As sales software leaders, this is a vote of confidence in more than just the three of us as individuals. It’s confirmation that VanillaSoft is also doing the right things to serve our customers’ needs.”

This year, SLMA’s annual election voting period ends on December 6.  Only members of the SLMA may vote for nominees (membership in the SLMA is free).  On December 15, the “Inspiring Leader” winners will be announced in four different categories.  The complete rules for nominations, as well as nomination forms, are available on the SLMA site.

About VanillaSoft 

VanillaSoft is the award-winning Lead Management Software and CRM solution for inside sales teams. VanillaSoft enables thousands of individuals and sales teams to do more than store their data and report on it like traditional CRM. VanillaSoft customers drive productivity by deploying an award winning Best-in-Class feature set which includes priority-queue-based-lead routing, progressive dialing, on-board intelligent scripting, e-mail marketing, real-time lead distribution, live dashboard and digital call recording.

With VanillaSoft, typical users realize a productivity increase of 35% to 100% over traditional CRM, creating an easy to justify ROI. VanillaSoft dials over existing phone systems or VoIP meaning no new or high fees for telecom. VanillaSoft is based in Plano, Texas, where it has served a global client base since 2005.

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the SLMA is to help companies succeed in the critical business process of managing sales leads. The SLMA has 8,000 worldwide members, 300-plus articles from 60 authors, and interviews with 400 executives on the SLMA weekly radio program (on the Funnel Radio Channel). The SLMA has produced (345 episodes and 85,000-plus listeners), a live-streaming digital internet radio program for at-work listeners, for six years. The SLMA is a business unit of the Funnel Media Group. For more information about SLMA, call Susan Campanale, 360-933-1259.