Dallas, Texas – (June 2nd, 2009) – VanillaSoft announced today that in Q2 2009, it will open up its flagship product to the reseller network. Ken Murray, co-founder and Chairman of VanillaSoft said, “We have thought very carefully about how we want VanillaSoft distributed and introduced to customers. We have always been about the customer experience and dedicated to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

He continued, “As we expand into North-America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, it has become clear that partnering with top quality resellers with the same commitment to customer satisfaction as we have is the best way to reach and serve new companies”

VanillaSoft expects the first resellers to come online in Q2, 2009 and be actively representing the product in Q3 of 2009. The initial focus will be on expanding the network in the United States , Canada and Europe. Leonard Sussenbach, VP of Product Development, said, “We have always had interest from Value Added Resellers (VARs) in representing our product, including list providers, CRM resellers and phone system providers.”

“VanillaSoft will allow VARs to expand their offering and better serve clients who have a sales process that relies on list-based calling to generate prospects, appointments and sales.”, Sussenbach stated.

For more information, please send an e-mail to[email protected]

About VanillaSoft, Inc.
VanillaSoft, an on-demand software provider, makes managing leads, sales calls and inside sales teams hassle-free. It offers autodialing on more telephone systems than any other solution, including the Skype and X-Lite soft phone, most major office telephone systems, and many internet telephone providers. Lead routing can be configured in detail according to the specific needs of the customer.