Dallas, TX (May 15th, 2008) – VanillaSoft announces new enhanced functionality for its flagship product, a Web-based lead management system for outbound calling. Callers can now add management-defined customized fields and phone labels within a matter of seconds. In additional to being able to create customized text or menu fields, administrators can now also data type their fields, for example creating number fields and date fields. This opens the possibility of running more complex data management queries to <slice and dice> contact data.

In addition, callers clients can now enter or edit data directly off of the main screen using VanillaSoft’s new Inline Editing feature. An option that is turned on by management, inline editing allows a caller to click directly on a field in the main contact screen and edit or enter data. This allows for quick data editing or for the rapid capture of qualifying data during a call. Even customized menu fields can be changed directly from the main screen.

“VanillaSoft is used in a variety of sales processes, and it is important for our clients to not only be able to present all relevant information to their sales agents, but also allow for the rapid capture of data during a call.,” said Leonard Sussenbach, VanillaSoft’s Vice President of Marketing. “These enhancements continue to position VanillaSoft as the leading solution for companies driving their business through outbound calling but that also require some more traditional CRM capabilities.”

About VanillaSoft. – VanillaSoft, Inc. is a provider of web-based lead management software for outbound calling. With enhanced productivity and greater management control, our customers are able to drive their sales process significantly better than users of traditional contact management solutions that offer only a handy way to store customer data. VanillaSoft gives full control and real-time insight into how sales leads are handled by sales representatives through lead management, real-time monitoring, call routing, and voice recording at any location for training purposes and legal compliance, i.e. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and all federal and state Do-Not-Call registries. Our application works with any analog, digital (TAPI) and VoIP telephone connection. For more information, please visitwww.vanillasoft.com.

Media Contact:
Leonard Sussenbach
VanillaSoft 866-763-8826 x 309