Dallas, TX – (March 29th, 2010) – VanillaSoft announced today that as part of its social media strategy to continue to create new and innovative channels to connect to customers and prospects a new blog has been created on the company Website. The blog will focus on Inside Sales, technologies deployed by Inside Sales groups, people and process. Genie Parker, media relations, stated; “Many of our customers would like a deeper level of connectivity in addition to just using our product. They are looking to share in the expertise we have gained over the years. With customers in over 8 countries we feel great about the opportunity to get more social with our various end users.”

The company recently launched other social media outlets including:

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/vanillasoft
Twitter http://twitter.com/vanillasoft
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/companies/vanillasoft

The blog will track and provide commentary on the changing dynamics of Inside Sales, focusing on best practices and new technologies. Ken Murray, President and Chief Blogger at VanillaSoft said; “we are really looking forward to sharing our knowledge base with the public. All of our management and sales people are from the space and have been managers, innovators and sales leaders. Each of them will blog from their own unique prospective and can share best practices with their readers.” Unlike in many other companies, the VanillaSoft solution was not built in a traditional development shop. The product was created to support the inside sales efforts of the various companies held by the principals. The blog can be found on-line at https://www.vanillasoft.com/resource-center/blog

About VanillaSoft 
Don’t just store data and report on it – drive productivity with VanillaSoft’s web-based, on-demand sales platform, created by Inside Sales experts for Insides Sales teams. The award winning Best-In-Class feature set includes next-best call logic, auto dialing, on-board intelligent messaging, integrated e-mail, real-time lead distribution, live dashboard and call recording for training. Typical users realize a production increase of 30 to 50% over traditional CRM, creating an easy to justify ROI. VanillaSoft dials over existing phone systems or VOIP meaning no new or high fees for telecom VanillaSoft is based in Plano, Texas where it has served a global client base since 2005.