New Zapier App

VanillaSoft’s new Zapier app is now available from the Zapier website, providing easy integration between VanillaSoft and hundreds of other applications. With the new VanillaSoft app, all Zap creation and management is done from within Zapier, making setup and management of your Zaps easier.

For details about our integration with Zapier, please visit our integrations page:

To learn how to set up a Zap, please refer to this VanillaSoft Support Portal article:

With the new app’s availability, VanillaSoft will be ending support for the current app using the legacy Zapier technology on April 30th, 2021.

Therefore, we recommend that those currently using the legacy app begin rebuilding their Zaps using the new app as soon as possible. You can find migration instructions in the VanillaSoft Support Portal.

Email Unsubscribe Enhancements

We have added additional functionality to the Caller and Admin interfaces to facilitate email unsubscribe.

Agent Unsubscribe Options
From the “Edit Contact” screen, agents will now be able to Unsubscribe the email address of the current contact.

NOTE: Once a contact’s email address is marked as “Email Unsubscribed,” an agent cannot re-subscribe that contact’s email. The option to uncheck the Email Unsubscribed checkbox will be greyed out. An administrator would be required to uncheck the “Email Unsubscribe” option.

Admin Unsubscribe Options
On the Admin-side, administrators can quickly unsubscribe and resubscribe a contact’s email address from the Search Contacts > Contacts Information screen.

Edit Dialing” Is Now Separate From “Edit Profile”

With this release, Dialing Info has been separated from the User Profile. As a result, administrators will now be able to allow or restrict user access to the User Profile and the Dialing settings individually. This provides greater control over what profile editing rights can be granted to agents.

Use case
Agents who wish or need to work from a different computer must release the VS Connect Softphone so they can re-establish VS Connect from the new computer. This change will allow individual agents to “release VS Connect Softphone” without admin assistance while also preventing agents from accessing or changing their profile settings. Agents can be granted access to just their Dialing information so they can switch computers on their own.

Import Queue Speed Improvements

To avoid backlogs to the import queue, we have established three separate processing threads that will work simultaneously to import files. These changes will help us avoid situations where a customer uploading an extremely large file would delay other customers’ imports that would normally take only a few minutes. We expect these improvements to dramatically decrease the import backlog and increase the speed with which your files are imported.

The new process will estimate the import time required for each file and then route the file to the appropriate processing queue.

  • Import tier 1 – quick import
  • Import tier 2 – medium import time
  • Import tier 3 – long import time

To increase processing time further, if the queue for Import tier 3 is empty, it will accept files from Import Tier 2.

Intellective Routing Filters Save in the Background

Intellective Routing (IR) filters are now saved in the background. This update will allow the administrator to navigate away from the Intellective Routing page or even close VanillaSoft while large and complex IR filters are saved.

  • The “Calculate Contact Count” button has been renamed to “Preview Contact Count.”
    • Clicking the “Preview Contact Count” button will immediately calculate the number of contacts available via this filter for routing.
    • Clicking the “Preview Contact Count” button is optional. It will not begin to save the filter.
  • Clicking the “Save” button will begin the save process. When the Save button is clicked, the following will take place:
    • A “Cancel Process” button will replace the “Save” button, and a “Calculating contact count” notification will appear with it.
    • A pop-up window will appear notifying the administrator that the changes were saved, and they can navigate away from the page or log out (if they are saving a large filter which can take several minutes.)
  • The filter will not take effect until the saving process is complete
    • The administrator can still assign the filter to callers.
    • If the caller logs in while the IR filter is still being saved, they will receive a notice that VanillaSoft is still compiling their contact queue and that it will be ready shortly.

Added “Lead Source” to the Data Collection Prompts Fields

We have added “Lead Source” to Data Collection Prompts.

New Outgoing Web Leads Fields

Payment gateways allow your agents to collect payments or donations immediately, right from the VanillaSoft interface, saving time, effort and eliminating the chance a donor might change their minds.

To accommodate payment gateway information, within the Outgoing Web Leads page, we have added new fields to the field mapping section. The ‘Last Payment Information’ section now shows the fields:

  • AuthorizationCode
  • TransactionID
  • PaymentType
  • FirstPaymentDate
  • RecurringPaymentFrequency
  • RecurringNumberOfPayments
  • RecurringTotalPayment
  • RecurringProfileID

The ‘Phone Information’ section now contains a “status” field for each phone type in use:

  • Business Status
  • Mobile Status
  • Home Status
  • Cottage Status