Option to restrict the My Stats page

Admins can now restrict the access of Callers to the My Stats page. To do this, go to the Active Users page and remove the access for a Caller under the ‘My Stats Page” column.

‘Integrations’ section added to the Admin Permissions page of each Admin-Combo user

A new ‘Integrations’ section has been added to the Admin Permissions tab on the Edit User page of each Admin-Combo, giving the Account Admin the ability to control access to each integration feature.

The ability to inactivate individual phone numbers via a mass update.

Admins can now inactivate a certain phone number type for a large number of contacts via a mass update in Contact Management. For example, if you have multiple contacts that you no longer want to be reached by the cell phone number, you can inactivate the cell phone number field without permanently removing it. To allow for this, Contact Management now shows a status field for each phone field type.

Learn more about Contact Management

Audio Review page enhancements

  1. A ‘Team’ field has been added as a selection in the Audio Review search criteria to both the Caller and Admin side when there is at least one team on the Project.
  2. The following columns have been added to the Audio Review results table: Contact Name; Company; Contact’s Team (if the project has at least one team set up)

Variables in Fixed Web Tabs

This enhancement allows for Contact Variables to be used so that a fixed web page shown in a panel can change based on the contact being viewed.

‘Country Code’ has been added to Reporting

You are now able to include country code when defining a report.

New fields added to Web Leads and Zapier

  • Scheduled Call Date
  • Scheduled Call Time
  • Scheduled Call User
  • Scheduled Date & Time
  • Latitude
  • Longitude