New Custom Field Type: Searchable Menu

The new “Searchable Menu” Custom Field Type allows callers to search through up to 10,000 values within a field drop-down list, to quickly find the right item. Note: the “Searchable Menu” field will only accept one selection and cannot be used as a multi-select.

Creating a Searchable Menu Field Type

The “Searchable Menu” Field Type has been added to the Field Customization > Custom Fields page.

Create or edit an existing custom field, then select the “Field Type” dropdown menu.

To import a list of field values, click the “Import” button.

Only .CSV files can be imported.

The following applies to the .CSV file:

  • No header in the file
  • The .CSV file can only have one column
  • The column cannot exceed 10,000 rows
  • All values will be sorted alphabetically once imported

Upon a successful import, if the custom field is set to ‘Active’, the searchable menu will be immediately available.

The list cannot be edited within VanillaSoft. Changes will need to take place in the .CSV file and the file re-imported.

To export the list of “Searchable Menu” items, click the ‘Export’ button.

Using “Searchable Menu” Fields

“Searchable Menu” fields will operate just as any other dropdown list field.

However, to speed the selection process, agents can type the value they are searching for. The search will return all values where the search term appears.

Search results will appear in alphabetical order.

Bluefin Payment Gateway

  1. Organizations using the Bluefin Payment Gateway now have an option to work in sandbox mode, allowing them to test the gateway without having to process a real credit card transaction.
  2. Bluefin payment gateway panel fields are now automatically populated with the information from the main contact fields (with the exception of the phone field), eliminating the need for agents to type the same information twice.
  3. We have added a ‘Refresh’ button to the payments tab in the caller view. This will allow agents to quickly update/copy payment gateway fields with information that was manually updated in the contact panel.
  4. The following Bluefin data fields are now stored in VanillaSoft and are available for both Reporting and Outgoing Web Leads.
    • Recurring Profile ID
    • Authorization Code
    • Transaction ID

Email Unsubscribe Enhancements

The new “Email Unsubscribed” fields have been added to the Contact Management page. In addition, “Email Unsubscribed” and “SMS Opted Out” have been added to Intellective Routing filters.