Lead Status-based Result Codes

Before this release, result codes could only be assigned to Teams. This enhancement adds the option for Admins to assign result codes to Lead Statuses. Once result codes are assigned to lead statuses on the Admin side, when a contact with a lead status routes to an agent, the agent will only see result codes that have been assigned to that lead status.

Admins can setup Lead Status based result codes on the ‘Result Code Assignment’ page as shown in the image:

Talk Time (for VanillaSoft VoIP/CMV users)

For users of VanillaSoft VoIP (CMV), we’ve added a new reportable field called Talk Time, which tracks the length of time between when the call is answered until the call has ended. (We call this Talk Time to avoid confusion with Call Duration, which is the length of time between when a Contact is routed until it is resulted.)

Talk Time is available in the following places in VanillaSoft:

  • Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Management Export Results
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Call History on both the Caller side and Admin side
  • Corporate Call History tab
  • Export Contacts page
  • Intellective Routing
  • Audio Review page

Contact Team, Owner and Scheduled Call User are now tracked with each call history

VanillaSoft now tracks the team, the owner, and the scheduled call user (that the appointment was set for) as part of the call history in the field names in the reports/queries shown below:

Contact Management
  • Last Contact Team
  • Last Contact Owner User Name
  • Last Contact Owner User Full Name
  • Last Contact Owner User Alias
  • Last Scheduled Call User Name
  • Last Scheduled Call User Full Name
  • Last Scheduled Call User Alias

Last Call Report

  • LastOfContactTeam
  • LastOfContactOwnerUserName
  • LastOfContactOwnerNameLastFirst
  • LastOfContactOwnerAlias
  • LastOfScheduledCallUserName
  • LastOfScheduledCallNameLastFirst
  • LastOfScheduledCallAlias

All Call Report

  • CallHistoryContactTeam
  • CallHistoryContactOwnerUserName
  • CallHistoryContactOwnerNameLastFirst
  • CallHistoryContactOwnerAlias
  • CallHistoryScheduledCallUserName
  • CallHistoryScheduledCallNameLastFirst
  • CallHistoryScheduledCallAlias
Export Contacts

Export all contacts and last call information

  • Last Call Team
  • Last Contact Owner User Name
  • Last Scheduled Call User Name

Export complete call history for all contacts

  • ContactTeam
  • ContactOwner
  • ScheduledCallUser