VanillaSoft Unite for Salesforce (Salesforce Integrations)

With this release, VanillaSoft has updated the ability to send data to Salesforce in real-time. It is now possible to send Salesforce data to VanillaSoft in real-time using the VanillaSoft Unite for Salesforce app.

From the “Integration” menu within VanillaSoft, you will now find a page for “Salesforce Integrations.” From the Salesforce Integrations page, you will be able to configure which data you wish to send from VanillaSoft to Salesforce.

You will also be able to configure how Salesforce will send data to VanillaSoft. This will require you to install the VanillaSoft Unite for Salesforce app, available from the Salesforce AppExchange.

For complete details on how to configure data sharing between VanillaSoft and Salesforce, we recommend you read our extensive guides and help files.

Calling Periods Enhancements

With this release, we have made it possible to control the Calling Periods by weekdays (Mon-Fri) as well as uniquely for both Saturday and Sunday.

This release also empowers admins to customize the “lunch hour” start and end times.

Finally, we have enhanced the functionality of the Calling Period Exceptions configuration, making it easier to set up special restrictions outside the standard calling period settings (e.g. some U.S. states may have more restrictive calling periods).

Auto-save Comments

When text is entered on a contact in:

  1. the Comments tab or
  2. the Comments box on the full result page

the text will automatically be auto-saved.


  • Only the most recent keystroke is auto-saved. There is no “undo” recovery option.
  • If an agent leaves the contact without resulting to do a search or find a contact from MyStats, when the agent returns to the original contact the comments will still be visible.
  • If the agent attempts to leave the contact altogether before resulting, a warning will appear, alerting the agent that their comments will be lost.

Incoming Web Leads Enhancements

Major improvements have been made to the Incoming Web Leads.
From the Incoming Web Leads configuration page, you will notice that:

  1. The Options section was split into a New Contacts section and an Existing Contacts section. The descriptions were modified as well to make their function more clear.
  2. The ‘Reopen/flag Updated Contacts’ and ‘Flag Duplicates’ checkbox has been split so that the ‘Flag duplicates’ checkbox now resides in the New Contacts section, and the ‘Reopen and flag updated contacts’ checkbox now resides in the Existing Contacts section.
  3. The overall useability of the page has been improved:
    1. Duplicate fields will no longer be shown in the Update Key drop-down list
    2. Field navigation using the Tab key has been enhanced
    3. Tooltips have been added to make feature help easier to access
    4. Mandatory fields are clearly identified when a save fails with red frames
    5. Text has been added to the “Add Field” button (replacing “+”) to make the Field Mapping section easier to navigate
    6. Autosave has been disabled when adding new fields. Admins must now use the “Save” button to validate and save changes