Ability to Export Only Updated Contacts

The Export Updated Fields feature allows an Admin to export the most recent change made to existing custom fields for all contacts in a VanillaSoft Project. Each custom field will be included in a separate .csv file and can then be imported into other applications (such as a CRM), allowing your existing data to be easily updated.

Type Dates Into Calendars

All places on the Caller side where a datepicker can be used to select a date have been enhanced to allow callers to be able to manually enter dates rather than being forced to choose a date from the datepicker. This makes it more accessible to users with visual impairments. The following areas were changed:

  • Appointment Date
  • Callback Date
  • Calendar Event Start and End dates
  • Retry At Date
  • Date/Time fields in Custom Fields (other information)
  • Date/Time fields in Custom Tables

Set Result Code Delays by Team

In June 2018, we added a feature allowing Admins to be able to set a timed delay before their Callers can result a lead. This feature ensures that each lead is worked appropriately before moving on to the next lead.

This result code delay feature has been further enhanced so that Admins can now control the delay setting by team. This gives the Admin the ability to treat the delay setting differently for each team, while still maintaining the global delay for other callers.

Bugs/Issues Fixed

  • All dates visible within a project now correctly show based on the date format set for the Project Setting.
  • An issue in Microsoft Edge, where sometimes the phone numbers on a contact did not save properly when being edited inline on the main Caller page.
  • Issues with Safari 12, where the page would not return results when executing a search on the caller side.
  • Issues on the Admin side, where the columns in the Call History layout were not properly aligned when there were Blast history items among the call history rows.
  • Issues with the MyContacts page, where the page would not load correctly when custom field columns were added to the list.