Incoming Web Lead Enhancements

Three enhancements have been made to the Incoming Web Lead feature:

i. Error response for duplicate Contact

Previously, when the “Do not allow duplicates to be created” feature was active for an Incoming Web Lead, and a duplicate contact was received, VanillaSoft would post a server-side message to the lead provider incorrectly stating “Success”. With this enhancement, VanillaSoft now posts a default server-side message stating “Duplicate Contact”. This message is editable

ii. Allow the use of UserID to assign either Contact Owner or Scheduled Call User

Before this release, when the configuration of an Incoming Web Lead included a mapping to the Contact Owner field, only a VanillaSoft UserName could be passed into the field for the lead to be assigned an owner. If something other than a UserName was used in the Contact Owner field, that information was ignored, and ownership was not assigned to the lead.

This enhancement now allows the VanillaSoft UserID to be used in addition to the VanillaSoft UserName. This is beneficial because the UserID is unique to a user and never changes, whereas the UserName is based on an email address, which can be changed.

The same logic also applies to the ‘Scheduled Call User’ field in that it will also now accept both UserID and UserName.

Note: if the inbound field being mapped to either the Contact Owner field or the Scheduled Call User field is blank or does not match a UserName or UserID, the incoming data for this field will continue to be ignored (ie. nothing gets assigned).

iii. Allow an Incoming Web Lead Update to remove the Contact Owner

Before this release, if an Incoming Web Lead was set to “Update Existing Contacts” and the “Contact Owner” field was set to “Allow update to erase field data”, any incoming web lead with an empty value for the Contact Owner was incorrectly not removing the Contact Owner on the lead.

This enhancement fixes this issue so that incoming web leads with an empty value for the Contact Owner will result in the Contact Owner being removed from the Contact record.


Contact Management Page Improvements

Enhancements to the Contact Management page have been made to improve the overall understanding and usability of the page. Improvements have been made to the naming of certain functions making it more obvious as to what each does, and hover-over text has been added to further help explain the function. Most importantly, we’ve added pop-up warnings to various tasks, ensuring users are fully aware of what is about to happen before clicking ‘Confirm’ to start the task or change.

Upload/Attachment Size Increase (from 12 MB to 40 MB)

The Upload/Attachment size has been increased from 12 MB to 40 MB in the following places:

  • Import files
  • Document library
  • Attaching documents to Contacts directly
  • Email attachments
  • Email template attachments

(Note: Many email services have size restrictions on attachments. This means that even though the email attachment file size has increased, if a large file is attached to an email, there is potential that the email may not be sent.)

Custom Fields and Custom Tables – Updated Data Type Labeling

The following improvements were made to the usability on the Admin side of the Custom Fields page and the Custom Tables page:

  • Changed the label of Data Type “Formatted Number” to “Number – decimals allowed”
  • Changed the label of Data Type “Number” to “Number – no decimals”
  • If the Data Type selected is “Date or Date/Time”, the screen will now display the Project Default Date Format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy).

Bugs/Issues Fixed

  • Owned contacts were sometimes not showing on the MyContacts page on the Caller side.
  • In custom tables, an error could occur if a formula field was adding numbers from more than three fields.
  • The de-duping function sometimes swapped custom dates when the “View Duplicates” button was clicked.
  • When copying a project that contained saved mappings for the Contact Import of type ‘add/update’, sometimes it did not copy all the import contact saved mappings correctly.
  • Result codes were sometimes not showing in the correct categories on the admin-side main Result Code page.
  • When an update came in from an incoming web lead, an existing Contact Owner was sometimes removed even when the value passed was not a valid value for replacing the contact owner.