ZIP Code-Based SmartCaller ID

The VanillaSoft SmartCaller ID add-on allows users of VanillaSoft’s VoIP service to match the area code of the number they are calling from to the area code of the number they are calling. By matching the area code, the call recipient is more likely to answer the call (because they see it as local and therefore less likely to be a sales call). However, with the move to wireless phones, people are choosing to keep their mobile number even when they relocate to a new area code. As a result, matching the area code no longer guarantees that the call will appear to the recipient as a local call.

To ensure that SmartCaller ID is matching the “call from” area code to the local area code of the prospect, we have added ZIP Code-based number matching. With ZIP Code-based number matching, the number displayed to the prospect matches the area code of their address rather than their mobile phone number.

When ZIP Code-based SmartCaller ID is active, if the contact has a ZIP Code, VanillaSoft will verify if any of the “calling from” numbers in your purchased SmartCaller ID pool of numbers have area codes matching those which are assigned to the ZIP Code’s geographic region. If a match is found, the ZIP Code matching “calling from” number will be used.

If a number is not found that matches the ZIP Code’s geographic region, or the contact has no ZIP code, then SmartCaller ID will default to matching the contact’s area code.

If you would like to know more about SmartCaller ID and add it to your plan, please contact VanillaSoft sales.

If you are already a SmartCaller ID user and would like to activate ZIP Code-based number matching, please contact VanillaSoft support.

New Reporting Templates

With this release we have added 13 new report templates for you to customize for your reporting purposes, including:

  • Lead Source by Result Code
  • Queue Overview by Lead Source, and
  • Speed to Lead

These new templates can be found in the Reporting tab in the “Templates” folder.

The VoIP Lines Admin Page Has Moved

We have moved the VoIP Lines page from ‘MyAccount’ to ‘Users’ so that Admin Combos will have visibility of how many VoIP lines are assigned to each user.

Note: the functionality to delete VoIP lines will remain available to Account Admins only.