Rule-Based Routing Supports Custom Date Fields

Rule Based Routing configuration can now be defined from a predefined number of days after either

  1. the ‘Contact Added-Date’, or
  2. Any input custom field where the Data Type = Date or Date Time

Learn more about Rule-Based Routing here

“Refresh Quota” Speed Enhancements

The refresh performance for the “Show Quota Reached” button on the User Quota page has been dramatically improved.

In addition, the refresh can be applied to a particular caller using the new individual refresh button at the end of each caller’s row

Custom Table Sorting

Before this release, new data added to a Custom Table was always shown at the bottom of the table. With this enhancement, admins can choose how they want their custom tables to appear – whether the most recent records appear at the top or at the bottom of the custom table list.

This setting can be changed on the Custom Tables setup page in the Options section:

Blackbaud Payment Gateway Enhancement

New Blackbaud Payment Gateway data fields have been added, allowing this data to be stored in VanillaSoft.

    • Authorization Code
    • Transaction ID

Update Phone Status via an Incoming Web Lead

The Phone Status field has been added to the Incoming Web Leads page for each available Phone Field. This will allow an incoming web lead to update the phone status in VanillaSoft.

An Incoming Web Lead Will Now Erase Phone Field Data

As phone numbers are particularly important data, when we originally created the incoming web leads “Allow update to erase field data” feature, we made an exception for phone fields. If the incoming field data was blank for a field containing a telephone number, VanillaSoft would ignore instructions to “update” the phone number so as not to erase it.

With this release we have removed this exception. The “Allow update to erase field data” is treated the same for all field mappings, including any phone field. Now, if 1) a phone field mapping has the “Allow update to erase field data” checked, and 2) an incoming web lead comes in with no content in the phone field (it is blank), any pre-existing data will be erased.