Offboarding employees is equally essential as onboarding them. 

No organization is immune to staff turnover, and it’s incredibly challenging when you part ways with the admins of the tools and platforms you rely on. To help you as much as possible and take the stress out of this transition, we’ve launched a new service for our higher education fundraising customers, “VanillaSoft Admin Transition.” 

In this blog post, we’ll explain how this program works and offer tips to ensure the transfer of responsibilities between the existing admin and your new hire is smooth. 

How Does VanillaSoft Admin Transition Work? 

First, it’s important to say that this service is available at no additional cost to VanillaSoft customers from higher education institutions. 

So, here’s the scenario: your trusted admin in charge of your VanillaSoft account, housing all your data, insights, and details about your fundraising efforts, informs you that they want to pursue new career opportunities. 

Your first impulse is to start panicking about potentially losing momentum and having to train a new hire who has never used VanillaSoft. But there’s no need to worry about that, as we’ve got your back: 

  • First, let us know when your VanillaSoft admin submits their notice, and we’ll take it from here. Your customer success representative will work with the departing employee and offboard them from VanillaSoft, leaving you enough time to find the best replacement for the role. We’ll use the notice time to gather information on running shifts, setting up your project/s in VanillaSoft, data imports/exports, generating reports, and the essentials necessary to maintain an operational engagement center. 
  • Next, refer your new admin to us, and your designated customer success account manager from VanillaSoft will bring them up to speed and share crucial information. This way, the new admin will be equipped to run shifts effectively and confidently and ensure that students get their tasks while learning the nuts and bolts of their new role. In other words, we’ll help your new employee starting Day 1 to ensure a smooth transition, seamless knowledge transfer, and as little disruption to the program & student employees as possible. 
  • After your new admin finishes the initial onboarding, they’ll have access to your customer success representative for continued training and gaining expertise in using and applying VanillaSoft’s features and functionalities.   

With continuous support from VanillaSoft, your soon-to-be former admin will pass the torch to their successor effectively. We’ll fully coordinate and facilitate the process, ensuring that key information is passed between the two admins and that no details are lost during the transition. To prevent any miscommunication and loose ends, we’ll collect the following information during the offboarding meeting and pass it along to the new admin: 

  • Information on outgoing and incoming admins
  • Data and campaign information
  • Contact information on employees responsible for data, student supervisors, and other crucial team members
  • Reports
  • VanillaSoft setup — result codes, email templates, SMS functionality, credit card processing, the workflow of gifts, and scripts
  • Shift setup — number of students, responsibilities of student leadership, and VanillaSoft licenses   
  • And any of the other “need to know” items crucial to keeping operations running during this transition period  

Your Simple Onboarding Checklist

The bottom line is that we don’t need too much from you. Here’s an example of what the transition might look like with our new service:

  1. Your VanillaSoft admin submits their two-week notice.
  2. You email your VanillaSoft Customer Success Representative and inform them of this news. They schedule an offboarding meeting with your admin before they leave.
  3. The offboarding meeting is held, and the VanillaSoft CSR retains a record of the meeting and all information discussed to be used when a new admin comes on board.
  4. A new admin is hired. You email your CSR again and introduce your new hire.
  5. The CSR meets with your new admin and shares the fundamentals in the first meeting to ease them into this role.
  6. Moving forward, your CSR will continue to train the new admin on using VanillaSoft effectively and efficiently, answer all their questions, and guide them through the process.  

Over to You 

The best thing you can do to ensure we’re maximizing this service for you is to communicate with us! Let us know as soon as you’re aware someone’s leaving, share critical dates for new hires, and make that introduction to the new admin as soon as you’re able.

Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We’ll be happy to take some of the burden off your shoulders during times of turnover and uncertainty. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with us, as our primary goal is to provide you with as much stability as possible in this area.

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