Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence — it’s cool. It’s the future. It has also become totally overhyped. Often, the problem with these hot topics is that they get so much attention that fact and fiction blend together. It’s like a giant game of broken telephone, and you’re left wondering whether you should buy the next product that has “AI” on its website, or hide under your desk, and hope your profession isn’t gone tomorrow.

So what’s the deal with AI, anyway? What about machine learning, or predictive analytics? Of all the claims vendors are making about the capabilities of their platforms, which ones are actually true? Can AI replace SDRs entirely? Can it automate an entire sales cadence and all its messaging across channels?

We’re wondering about this stuff, too. That’s why we found a bonafide PhD to come tell us whether we need to be worried, and how the industry can introduce this new technology into its processes logically. Join us as we talk about the truths, falsehoods, and outright lies of AI.

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  • Can AI replace your entire profession?
  • How much of what vendors are claiming about AI is true?
  • How to implement AI into your current processes.
  • How to manage internal expectations on AI.
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