The SALT Group is a leading US-based financial analysis organization that provides clients with operating cost and expense reviews. The Salt Group’s VP of Business Development was tasked with doubling sales operations performance to hit aggressive sales goals. With an objective like that, the immediate reaction is, ‘Where do I start?’ 

In this case study session recently presented at Discover MarTech, VanillaSoft CMO Darryl Praill reviews the operational changes implemented across the sales and marketing organization and shares the challenges and the outcomes that resulted from them, including:

  • how inside sales teams are on the front lines of driving company growth, and why sales engagement is the key to enabling these teams to work efficiently and effectively
  • how advanced sales engagement capabilities such as geolocation routing helps sales reps make the most efficient use of their time
  • why implementing a proper sales cadence is so important to a successful sales process
  • the importance of reporting tools and engines within sales engagement, and how they can help inside sales teams continually improve processes and become more effective
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