Research shows that turnover rates for salespeople is high, the percent of salespeople that perform as expected is low and a large percentage of salespeople hired aren’t suited for the role. The reality is that hiring underperforming salespeople is a very costly expense.

What a lot of sales managers don’t realize is that hiring is a skill and it should be given the same amount of attention as any other aspect of your sales operation. And that’s what this webinar going to teach you; how to hire the RIGHT people, and how to provide them with the tools to consistently perform at the level they are expected to.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common mistakes made in the hiring process
  • The concept of “revenue investment” and how to make informed decisions when hiring
  • Sales candidate evaluation techniques that separate the rockstars from the duds
  • The tools that help decrease training time during the onboarding process
  • How sales CRM software can easily scale best practices across your sales force
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