Speed-To-Lead: Tailoring Customer Experience to the Digital Age

Speed-to-Lead. Are you familiar with the term? It means how fast can you respond to a new inbound sales lead? The premise is that the sooner you respond, the more likely you are to engage with a prospect.

We’ve spoken at several recent conferences on this topic. We ask our audience, “How soon do you respond to new inbound leads?” The average answer — 2-3 days before a call was made. They didn’t know how they could make it faster.

Contemporary thought leaders espouse a lead follow-up window of 5 minutes. They’re wrong.

Join us for a fun, animated, opinionated discussion around speed-to-lead. We’ve studied over 130,000,000 sales interactions. In this webinar, we will share the academic research that identifies:

  • When you should respond to a new lead (hint: it’s not 5 minutes).
  • What happens if you take 2-3 days to follow-up?
  • Why does it take everybody so long to respond?
  • What can you do about long response times?
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