It’s harder than ever to sell. Today’s prospect doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t have time to talk, and there are typically multiple members of a buying team. Today’s salesperson is hampered by CRM software, distracted by noise, and pressured to perform. Mixed together, these are the ingredients for ho-hum inside sales results.

Want to break out of the ho-hum? If your answer is “heck yeah,” then watch our webinar, “How to Transform Your Inside Sales Efforts from Ho-Hum to Heck Yeah!”

During this webinar, industry experts will:

  • Discuss the challenges facing inside sales
  • Show you how to select the right tools for productive inside sales efforts
  • Provide insight on effective list selection and lead generation

This webinar is a must for every inside sales and telemarketing professional who wants to increase ROI on marketing spend and create a more efficient workflow for inside sales and telemarketing teams.

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