Plano, TX (May 23rd, 2007) – VanillaSoft announces new call recording options for its lead management system for making sales calls. Previously companies have had the ability to record sales calls based on result and store them on a local network drive, making them accessible to anyone with network access to the storage location. With VanillaSoft’s new centralized recording feature, call recordings can now be stored centrally on the main server and are therefore accessible from any computer with internet access.

“VanillaSoft has always offered a very affordable solution for call recording that is perfect for order verification, training, and much more,” said Ken Murray, VanillaSoft’s President. “With new centralized recording, this solution is now also perfect for distributed groups or home-based sales people. Managers can easily verify call recordings regardless of where the call was made.”

VanillaSoft’s call recording feature is different from many other solutions in that it ‘marries’ the call recording to the actual contact. There is no searching through a database to try and match a recording number to a contact number. An administrator can find a recording by brining up the actual contact or by searching by result, sales person, or date. In addition, the ardware/software
technology used is quick and easy to set up and only requires a recording cable, phone and sound card.

VanillaSoft. – VanillaSoft, Inc. is a provider of web-based lead management software for outbound calling efforts. With enhanced productivity and greater management control, our customers are able to drive their sales process significantly better than users of traditional contact management solutions that offer only a handy way to store customer data. VanillaSoft gives full control and real-time insight into how sales leads are handled by sales representatives through lead management, real-time monitoring, call routing, and voice recording at any location for training purposes and legal compliance, i.e. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and all federal and state Do-Not-Call registries. Our application works with any analog, digital (TAPI) and VoIP telephone connection. For more information, please visit

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