Dallas, TX – (January 18th, 2012) – VanillaSoft Inc. announced that it has selected Jackson Marketing Services to support its online marketing and awareness initiatives.  Jackson Marketing Services will develop and execute social media programs to supports VanillaSoft’s overall sales and marketing plan.

“VanillaSoft Inc. strives to be top of mind when it comes to CRM and lead management for outbound sales teams.  By working with Jackson Marketing Services, we will begin to carry that message into new social media platforms, such as Google+ and Pinterest, while increasing our profile with our existing social media presences in Facebook and Linkedin,” said Ken Murray, President, VanillaSoft Inc.

VanillaSoft engages with customers and prospects in over 20 countries, multiple languages and numerous time zones.  It is important for VanillaSoft to carry its message forward on the social platform of choice for our users.  Building a community is not only important as a tactical business initiative; it fundamentally is the right thing to do.  We looked at many companies to engage with and chose a boutique firm because in the simplest of terms, they get us, our various publics and are uniquely qualified to carry our message forward.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to work with a recognized leader like VanillaSoft.  In addition to being a force in the CRM and lead management space, VanillaSoft differentiates itself through its partnership with Kiva, a non-profit organization that connects people through micro loan lending to alleviate poverty. It’s a privilege to support a client that embraces excellence and compassion in its day-to-day operations,” stated Stacy Jackson, Partner, Jackson Marketing Services.

About VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is the award winning Lead Management Software and CRM for phone centric selling. VanillaSoft enables 1,000s of individuals and sales teams to do more than store their data and report on it like traditional CRM. VanillaSoft customers drive productivity by deploying an award winning Best-In-Class feature set which includes next-best-lead routing, auto-dialing, on-board intelligent messaging, integrated e-mail, real-time lead distribution, live dashboard and call recording for training. Typical users realize a production increase of 30 to 50% over traditional CRM, creating an easy to justify ROI. VanillaSoft dials over existing phone systems or VOIP meaning no new or high fees for telecom. VanillaSoft is based in Plano, Texas where it has served a global client base
since 2005.

About Jackson Marketing Services

Jackson Marketing Services helps businesses and individuals achieve increased exposure, improved conversions, and higher online sales through search engine marketing and social media management.  By combining marketing strategy, project management, and up-to-the-minute understanding of the ever-changing social media landscape, Jackson Marketing Services can provide the expertise to complement your traditional marketing efforts. Additionally, Jackson Marketing Services offers content marketing management, press release writing, print, and other marketing communication services. Visithttp://www.jacksonmarketingservices.com.