Plano, TX (March 30th, 2007) – VanillaSoft announces an exciting new addition to the auto-dialing features of its Web-based lead management system. Companies can now use the productivity- enhancing progressive and preview dialing features of VanillaSoft in conjunction with Voice over IP (VoIP) and standard softphones such as Skype and Eyebeam by Counterpath. More productive calling is now only minutes away.

“VanillaSoft’s unique approach to auto-dialing, that allows companies to use their existing infrastructure without adding extra hardware or telecommunication costs is now even more flexible,” said Leonard Sussenbach, VanillaSoft’s Vice President of Marketing. “With VoIP moving into the mainstream, SIP
dialing gives our customers more choice as to their telephony infrastructure.”

VanillaSoft offers auto-dialing in two great flavors. With progressive dialing, the phone automatically dials the next lead in the queue. With preview dialing, the sales person is able to set the pace of the call by simply clicking on the phone number when they are ready to dial. Both types of auto-dialing offer a high quality call with a warm hello, ensuring that your potential customers do not hang up before you even have a chance to speak with them. When your leads have value, progressive and preview dialing are a great way to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

About VanillaSoft. – VanillaSoft, Inc. is a provider of web-based lead management software for outbound calling. With enhanced productivity and greater management control, our customers are able to drive their sales process significantly better than users of traditional contact management solutions that offer only a handy way to store customer data. VanillaSoft gives full control and real-time insight into how sales leads are handled by sales representatives through lead management, real-time monitoring, call routing, and voice recording at any location for training purposes and legal compliance, i.e. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and all federal and state Do-Not-Call registries. Our application works with any analog, digital (TAPI) and VoIP telephone connection. For more information, please visit

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