digital sales summit & awardsPlano, TX (April 23, 2018)VanillaSoft, a leading sales engagement and lead management technology company, is pleased to be the title sponsor of the Digital Sales Summit & Awards, taking place April 25 and 26 at the University of Houston.

The Digital Sales Summit & Awards was created to provide a resource and venue to unite the study and practice of digital and inside sales, recognize practitioners who successfully contribute to the digital transformation of sales organizations, and advance and share that knowledge to solve the challenges of modern sales.

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., Professor & Director of Professional Development at the University of Houston, Steven Stagner Sales Excellence Institute, said: “We are extremely pleased to have VanillaSoft as the title sponsor of our Summit and Awards this year. VanillaSoft truly understands the importance of digital sales and the impact it has on the digital transformation of sales organizations. VanillaSoft is also well-versed into supporting research to improve the practice of digital sales. We feel very fortunate to have them on board.”

Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer at VanillaSoft, said: “At VanillaSoft, we know first-hand how important it is for sales organizations to stay competitive in an ever-changing market in order to effectively engage with buyers. Knowing the relevance of this event, seeing the caliber of speakers participating, and the importance of research to advance the practice of digital sales, we are excited to support this initiative as title sponsor. For us, however, one of the most important parts of our participation is sponsoring two scholarships for students of the Digital Sales program at the University of Houston.”

For more information, and to register for the event, visit the Digital Sales Summit & Awards website. For more information on VanillaSoft, and to start your free trial, visit

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VanillaSoft, the industry’s most successful sales engagement platform, helps sales development teams engage over 10,000,000 contacts every month. Used standalone, or in combination with existing traditional CRM systems, VanillaSoft empowers sales reps to respond to new leads faster, interact with leads more consistently, across more channels, and generate more qualified sales opportunities. Globally, thousands of users employ VanillaSoft’s queue-based sales engine and intellective routing to implement sales cadence automation resulting in substantial gains in speed-to-lead, persistency, productivity and revenue-per-rep. VanillaSoft is a privately held company headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA. To learn more, visit

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The Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute strives to make an impact in the world of ideas, students and communities through innovative sales research and education, creating opportunities for career and personal success. Regarded as the #1 Sales Program in United States, the Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) offers the most comprehensive and deepest sales curriculum to quota-carrying students sales professionals who receive over 270 hours of advanced sales education and real life selling experience. To learn more about the Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute, visit: