Plano, Texas and Gatineau, Quebec (May 29, 2024)VanillaSoft, a leading sales engagement technology company, today announced the launch of TEMPO, a podcast aimed at B2B enterprise and mid-market business leaders. 

Aimed at go-to-market leaders in B2B companies across North America, TEMPO takes a look at how enterprise and mid-market organizations are navigating the world of big deals, big money, and big decisions. Effective selling is increasingly difficult, and organizations need ways to navigate go-to-market complexities. Speaking with leaders from across the business spectrum, this podcast will dive into the challenges leaders face, and provide insights and strategies to help give listeners a competitive edge. TEMPO will explore how leaders navigate complex communication channels to help their teams overcome hurdles and ensure their outreach is effective, compliant, and reaches their target audiences. 

“We are having real conversations with real people about the real challenges they are facing within their organizations and industries, and how they have overcome them,” said TEMPO host Ollie Whitfield. “What do you find most difficult about your job…what keeps you up at night…how do you balance managing people, meeting compliance mandates, achieving your goals, and more…these are just some of the questions we’re asking to get to really know our guests and what they have overcome to get where they are today.”

The first season kicks off with Victoria McGlone, Founder and CEO of Three Cliffs. A recent Forty Under 40 recipient, Victoria’s sales career has spanned almost 20 years, from her early days in smaller companies as an Account Executive, to recent roles in global sales leadership. 

“When I first stepped into leadership I was looking at how to prevent churn and how we expand our existing customers,” said Victoria during her interview on TEMPO. “We all know the old adage that it’s cheaper to expand an existing customer than to acquire a new one. New logos are great, but if you have a massive churn problem, it makes things really difficult.” 

Some of the other exciting guests coming up during the first season of TEMPO include: 

Tempo is available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


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