Plano, TX (May 11, 2016) – CIO Review magazine named VanillaSoft, a leading queue-based inside sales solution, to its list of 20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers—2016. The article can be found online as part of the May 11, 2016, issue of CIO Review. In addition to being named to the 20 Most Promising list, VanillaSoft’s CEO, David Hood, and VP of Research and Development, Simon Grégoire, are featured on the cover.

David Hood, commented, “It is wonderful to see VanillaSoft as part of this feature story on the 20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers. As inside sales lead workflows continue to become more complex, VanillaSoft ensures that sales reps have an easy-to-use solution that helps them focus on selling – not data entry or figuring out next steps in a complicated process.”

Hood continued, “We built the VanillaSoft solution from the ground up specifically for inside sales professionals. We design each new feature and function with our version of the KISS concept in mind: Keep Inside Sales Simple. The VanillaSoft solution addresses a sales rep’s need to make more effective calls in the most efficient manner through features such as queue-based routing, progressive dialing, logical branch scripting, and VoIP integration. In addition to these features, VanillaSoft provides contact centers and inside sales teams with outreach tools like email marketing and email drip for lead nurturing.”

The CIO Review cover story on VanillaSoft highlights many of VanillaSoft’s time-saving features and tools for management, customer success stories, and its continuing research partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management.

VanillaSoft offers call centers and sales teams different plans to meet varying business needs. To learn more about VanillaSoft services, visit

About VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is the all-in-one platform for inside sales teams incorporating the best of CRM, lead management, and call center software. VanillaSoft enables thousands of individuals and sales teams to not only manage their leads and contacts but to automate the sales process to allow salespeople more time to sell. VanillaSoft customers drive productivity by deploying best-in-class features such as queue-based lead routing, progressive dialing, logical branch scripting, call recording, full email campaign management and more.

After automating sales tasks with VanillaSoft, typical users realize a productivity increase of 30% to 100% over traditional CRM, creating an easy to justify ROI. VanillaSoft is based in Plano, Texas, where it has served a global client base since 2005.