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Engage More Prospects and Close More Deals.

When you move to the industry’s only queue-based Sales Engagement platform, you’ll finally experience controlled, predictable, step-by-step omni-channel sales outreach that gets you to your number — month after month, quarter after quarter.

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Providing top-down control of the sales process, cadence control, dynamic scripts

VanillaSoft removes the guesswork and busywork from the sales process, which allows your inside sales team to make more calls, hone their approach, and work smarter.

Lead Routing

Queue-based lead routing software gives you the shortest distance between a lead and the sale

Auto Dialing

Keep the calls rolling with autodialing. More calls and fewer mistakes lead to increased productivity

Call Recording

Provide your reps with meaningful and actionable feedback through our call recording software


Our VoIP solution gives you enterprise-grade phone service built for any size business

Logical-Branch Scripting

Our call center scripting capabilities deliver dynamic messaging through every step of the sales cycle

Appointment Setting

Set more appointments with the most powerful appointment setting software on the market

Lead & Sales Tracking

Make revenue generating decisions easy with lead management software that gives you greater visibility into every lead

E-mail & SMS Marketing

Outreach automation for today’s inside sales teams with SMS and email

Sales Intelligence

Upload fresh prospects directly into your sales cadence from VanillaSoft’s database of over 40 million B2B contacts.

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