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Stop wasting your team’s time making them manually punch in phone numbers. Simplify your outbound calling with VanillaSoft

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Increase call activity by 296%

VanillaSoft offers two types of auto dialing – Progressive and Preview.
Used with VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management platform, our customers have increased call activity and productivity by as much as 296% over the industry standard.

Progressive Dialing

When the user completes an engagement, the next contact is automatically dialed as the record appears on the screen.

Preview Dialing

VanillaSoft’s simple click-to-call gives reps the ability to review the contact’s details before initiating the call.

Flexible Phone Integration

Auto dialing works best with VanillaSoft’s business-class VoIP, which offers exclusive functionality such as Voicemail Drop and SMS Texting.
VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing software can also integrate with your existing telephone systems, including analog telephones, PBX, and VoIP solutions with softphones or desk phones.

Don’t let manual dialing break your sales stride

Getting into a rhythm is a key component of efficient prospecting. Automating phone dialing can help keep your sales agents’ minds in the game and eliminate the disruption caused by misdialing a number.

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