Auto Dialing

Look, it isn’t 2005 anymore – put the Rolodex in the recycling bin and donate the desk phone to someone who really needs it. You don’t dial your friends’ numbers when you want to go out – you hit the ‘call’ button. So why waste your reps’ time making them punch in numbers that aren’t related to the deal value?

Increase call activity by 296%

One of the simplest ways to increase your sales rep’s productivity is to remove the tedious task of manually dialing telephone numbers – and our auto-dialing software makes it simple. VanillaSoft offers two types of auto dialing, Progressive and Preview, that utilized with our queue-based lead management platform have shown to increase call activity and productivity by 296% over the industry standard.

Progressive Dialing

When the user dispositions a contact, the next record appears on the screen and the number is automatically dialed.

Preview Dialing

Enable click-to-call to give callers the ability to look at the contact information before initiating the call.

Flexible Phone Integration

Auto dialing works best with VanillaSoft’s business-class VoIP, which offers exclusive functionality such as Voicemail Drop and SMS Texting. VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing software can also integrate with your existing telephone systems – this includes systems like analog telephones, PBX, and VoIP with soft phones or desk phones.

Don’t let manual dialing break your sales stride

Getting into a rhythm is a key component of efficient prospecting. Automating phone dialing can help keep your sales agents’ minds in the game and eliminate the disruption caused by misdialing a number.

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