Dallas, TX – (Nov 17th, 2011) – VanillaSoft announced the release of two “Lite” versions of their flagship product serving the CRM-Lead Management space. VanillaSoft, a long term leader in the space, released VanillaSoft Lite and Lite Plus with auto dialing. The Lite products will have a starting price of $16.00 per month on an annual basis or $25 on a month to month. These new products are well suited to individual sales people or small teams that are budget conscious. They remain feature packed and include VanillaSoft’s most popular features like auto dialing, next best lead routing, on-board e-mail, live dashboard and reporting.

Ken Murray, President of VanillaSoft, stated, “We have long wanted to find the right mix of features at the right price point and enter the market at the right time. We believe that the release of Lite and Lite Plus represents the best-of-breed in affordable CRM and Lead Management focused on outbound selling.”

Both Lite and Lite Plus have features including:

  • Management of up to 10,000 Contacts
  • Automatic Next-Best-Lead Distribution
  • Real Time Management Dashboard
  • Email Templates
  • Custom Fields
  • Robust Customized and Pre-Defined Web Reporting
  • On-Board Scripting
  • Pre-Defined Data Querying
  • VS E-Gen, which prioritizes lead routing based on opened prospecting emails

VanillaSoft has a feature and product comparison guide that can be found at https://www.vanillasoft.com/product.

Since 2005 VanillaSoft’s flagship SaaS offering has been powering sales teams in over 18 countries. VanillaSoft Lite and Lite Plus with auto dialing are welcome additions. New customers are already on the platform taking advantage of the rich features and low entry price.

About VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is the award winning Lead Management Software and CRM for phone centric selling. VanillaSoft enables 1,000s of individuals and sales teams to do more than store their data and report on it like traditional CRM. VanillaSoft customers drive productivity by deploying an award winning Best-In-Class feature set which includes next-best-lead routing, auto-dialing, on-board intelligent messaging,

integrated e-mail, real-time lead distribution, live dashboard and call recording for training. Typical users realize a production increase of 30 to 50% over traditional CRM, creating an easy to justify ROI. VanillaSoft dials over existing phone systems or VOIP meaning no new or high fees for telecom. VanillaSoft is based in Plano, Texas where it has served a global client base
since 2005.