Do you know what the easiest way to let your sales opportunities slip through the cracks is? Bad sales manners. Email etiquette is key.

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl and Sam McKenna, Founder of #samsales Consulting and a dynamite expert on all things sales, talk about the importance of good manners in sales. You’ll find out why it’s a good idea to BCC yourself on email responses to your leads, what an appropriate email response time is, as well as how to master referral email etiquette. Subscribe now and learn how to achieve greater success through the “show me you know me” approach.






Host: Darryl PraillVanillaSoft

Guest: Samantha McKenna, #samsales Consulting


Welcome Samantha McKenna

Darryl Praill: And we are back for another episode of the INSIDE Inside Sales show. How’s everybody doing today? For me it has been like a combination of spring fever with process hell. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all. Well, cause you know what happens, right? This time of year as you get through the first quarter into the second quarter, like shit’s real all of a sudden, right? Like, Oh my gosh, well there’s a quarter under our belt. And we did, or we didn’t make our numbers.

Darryl Praill: And now I already know what I’ve got. And the target’s looking forward. They only get fricking bigger from here. Why are they always back loaded? If I do this, I got to hire some reps now. Because it’s going to take them three to six months to get up to speed, which means already they’re contributing to late Q3, or to Q4. I’m screwed. That’s what kind of that.. So what do we need to do? From a process side I need to go do this and I need to have better that.

Darryl Praill: And we need to install some tech and we got to do, Oh my, and it’s overwhelming. Yeah, that’s what I’m living through right now. But. It’s like the clouds have parted. The sun is shining and up here in little old Canada, the snow is basically gone and life is good. It’s like what Noah must have felt when the pigeon brought them little limb from the tree. He said, finally, I’ll see some land. That’s amazing. Cause I’m really tired of being on this damn boat, it’s been way too long.

Darryl Praill: So that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t know about you guys. And it was interesting because well I see the stress and I see my shortness come and manifest itself in different ways. Tell me if you can relate to this. With my spouse, I perhaps I’m a little short sometimes when they want me to do some. Hey honey, Mr. Big CRO, can you get off your ass and take the garbage out, please? Shut up, I’ve worked all day. You know so.. She just doesn’t understand the pecking order here. I am the C-level officer, not her. So, I admittedly am a little sharp sometimes.

Darryl Praill: And I find it’s also how when I listened to some calls, we use Chorus. Maybe you use Gong, maybe use just use your VOIP to record or maybe you don’t record at all. Who knows? But when I listened to some calls, I’m like, Oh. I mean, have they never heard the phrase, show me you know me? Have they never heard the phrase, hey you got to make a deposit, before you can make a withdrawal. I could go on. You got to add value. I know it’s cliche, but I mean sometimes it’s just so obvious.

Darryl Praill: So when I hear this recordings of my own reps, who’ve been trained. I just want to freak out and I’m less than polite. But I find it mostly I reserve lets call my poor manners, for when I get those email requests that simply say. Hey. We do appointment setting and we use multi-channel engagement. And our cadences are the best, and can we meet tomorrow two o’clock for 10 minutes so I can walk you through it. And I’m like, did you even look at what the hell VanillaSoft does before you sent me this stupid ass email?

Darryl Praill: And then I react and I mean respond to them. And I’m like, hey, moron, sales 101 do a little bit of research, personalize the message to understand who the hell you’re calling. I mean, let’s go back in time to the prospect list. When you pull the list, did it even dawn upon you to actually be very highly segmented? So you can have more personalization in your messaging. I mean, if you’re going to go on mass, at least pretend to fake it a little bit. Yeah, manners. Manners are something that are lost on me and lost on many people out there. I’m going to sound like an old man, grumpy man for a second. I’d love when I get like a 22 year old coming out to me, who’s now 30 years, their senior and treating me as just a dumb ass and let them explain to me how it is.

Darryl Praill: And I’m like, do you even know the first thing about etiquette? Can you at least fake it for a little bit? Manners are on my mind these days and messaging, and personalization and how to handle that situation and what to say and what to do. And then I thought, who can I get in here to talk about all the sins that you guys are committing?

Darryl Praill: So you’ll stop and then I’ll be happier and I’ll be less reactive. And then I won’t get grumpy with my wife. Then maybe, just maybe if that all happens, she and I can be husband and wife again. If you know what I say, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Okay, so that’s what I thought. Now that who could I do for that? And I thought that of course, the queen, the King the chief custodian, the chief toilet washer, the boss extraordinaire of #samsales Consulting. You know of a Sam McKenna. She’s famous for Show Me You Know Me. She went to an actual school that taught her manners. Nobody else is better equipped than Sam. Sam, welcome to the show.

Samantha McKenna: Darryl, I have so many thoughts. How much caffeine have you had today?

Darryl Praill: I’ve had one cup. Carry on.

Samantha McKenna: We are here to help you create your Tinder profile when your wife inevitably leaves you..

Darryl Praill: And its going to happen, yes.

Samantha McKenna: For language like that. And, Oh my God, how much time do we have to talk about shitty sales matters? Cause I’m here for it.

Emaill Etiquette: Manners Maketh the Sale

Darryl Praill: Okay, sister, can you help a lad out. Because I am at the end of my rope and it’s like we’ve told these people and told these people. And, let me give you an example, real life example, okay? This has nothing to do with manners, but this is how I think. Just so you guys understand why your bosses are freaks. This is how I think and it’s related to manners. All right? I have been on my head of sales, to make sure the pipeline with her team is fully updated they yapped her on, I’m doing it, she’s cracking the whip.

Darryl Praill: And I know she is. And we’ve got this one rep who just gives us that nod, the head nod. Yep, I’m doing it, tells us we’re doing it, yeah, I’m just going to do it. Never freaking does it. And finally I’m like, how many times do you’ve to tell somebody what to do before you finally pop on them? And so finally this morning I went to the head of sales. I going to respect the chain of command and I said, I know you’ve done everything you can, I have my weekly executive calls starting within an hour. I’m about to send an email to them. I assume you’re okay with this. Now, yes, he probably said sure, because I’m the boss.

Darryl Praill: But at the same breath, I think she was like, sure, please feel the love of God, do it. And I sent an email saying, my dearest sales colleague, I have a weekly call. We’ve been hammering you on this, it hasn’t done. If this is not done in the next 45 minutes, we will be discussing your future with the company. Remarkably, it was done.

Samantha McKenna: Oh my God.

Darryl Praill: It was weird how that happened, all right? Why is this story relevant? Because I feel like we’re telling you over and over again about manners and show me and know me, and personalization and how to handle a situation. And yet you rarely actually do it until it blows up in your freaking face. So today Sam’s going to teach us what to do, what you need to do. So that ogres and trolls like me, don’t give you the grief that you want to avoid. So, Sam, where do we start on this?

Samantha McKenna: Oh my God, where do we start? First of all, think about the hefty advice that you just talked about. This can impact you in your personal life as well. Do it the first time you’re asked instead of the 19th time Darryl’s wife asks him to take out the trash. Darryl, take your own advice oh my gosh. See how this will pay off? This is a brilliant segway to really your own therapy. I’m glad we’re here for that. Let’s talk about referrals. So, I think let’s start about the manners behind referrals. So, I want to talk to you about a bad example and I’ll give you guys a great example. Although I’m going to highlight Tyler at Vidyard and his team which I know is going to upset you.

Darryl Praill: Can we pick on Tyler? I love picking on Tyler.

Samantha McKenna: We can definitely pick on him. Okay, here’s the thing. Think about this, Darryl. If you make a referral to me, right? So if you’re talking to someone and you’re like, Oh. this person would be great for #samsales by the way, where are my referrals? Thanks buddy. And if you think that and you make the introduction for me, your expectation, right? Is that I’m going to take exceptional care of this person. Why? Cause you were putting your name and your reputation on the line, telling this person that I’m someone that is valuable that is worthy of their time. So from a sales manners perspective, it’s my job to take exceptional care of this precious little thing that you’ve given me which is a lead. Which is what I fight for all day long every day, right? That’s all we’re trying to do, is get meetings, right? Get those opportunities and get them to move forward. So, somebody goes to the trouble of giving you a referral. It is your job to again, make sure take exceptional care of them. Let’s talk about what that means. But first of all, don’t you agree? Isn’t that what you’re you’re doing? You’re putting your reputation on the line by sending that my way.

Darryl Praill: I’m massively putting my reputation on the line so much so and I’m so.. what’s the word I’m looking for? I’m so damaged over being disappointed so many times that I end up reaching out to like the person I referred them to. So, hey, Joe, you need to really talk to Sam at #samsales. Don’t talk to that other guy. He’s awful, talk to Sam. And then I would call Sam up and I would say, Sam am sending you, I’ve just sent you Joe. If you don’t hear from Joe, let me know and I’ll ping Joe. But treat him well. And then I’ll often follow up and say, did you hear from Joe? And you’ll be shocked how many times saying, Oh yeah, I did. Yeah, he’s on my list to get to. And I’m already freaking out when I hear that.

Samantha McKenna: I want to die, right? Okay, so think about this. Let’s say when if Darryl’s says, hey, I sent Joe your way. Then great, so that now I’ve got to know that in my book, I want to make sure that I reach out to Joe or I want to make sure that I do hear from Joe. If I don’t, I’ll probably ping Darryl and say, hey, do you want me to reach out to him? Cause I haven’t heard from him. So, this is me communicating to Darryl that this is a priority, that I’ve got it on my list, that I’m monitoring this lead, letting him know what’s going on. So that Darryl doesn’t have to chase me and be like, hey, what happened?

Samantha McKenna: And I’ll be like, I don’t know? As soon as I connect with Joe, right? Then my whole game plan is to follow up with Darryl. And I say, hey, I met with Joe, We had a great call. We’re moving onto the next step. We’re going to talk about XYZ. Thank you so much again for the referral. I’ll keep you posted as it goes. Now, before we even get to that, let’s say something different happens. Let’s say Darryl introduces us over email. It’s not just that he told Joe and said, go get Sam. It’s, he made a bridge and a connection over email, which happens all day, every day.

Samantha McKenna: One of the things that I want to prioritize, is responding right away. Urgent bird gets the worm guys. I don’t know if this is in the frame, but urgent bird gets the worm. Move your butts. I’ll just, I’ll go the nicer way. Move your butts on this. You’ve got a lead, a CRO recommended to somebody else that they hire you. Oh my God, move your ass. We’ll go with a move your, move your ass it’s time. But respond urgently.

Samantha McKenna: It doesn’t mean that you have to do it in six minutes. You might be on a call. You might be recording a podcast. It means that before you leave the office that day, you need to think is there an email that is in my inbox has gone unanswered, that is critical that I respond to? An inbound lead, especially a referral is critical that you respond to it. If you wait until the next day, you would at least need to have the accountability of why. And it should be like, my car was on fire last night or something like that, right? That’s the only thing that gets in the way of you responding to an inbound lead that same day. That’s step one. What do you think?

Darryl Praill: Now I know I love that. let me, cause I can already hear the excuses. Yeah, but I try, but I just get really busy and I got it. Like you’re so successful. You can’t take 30 seconds to do that. I get you and one day I hope to be you. Let me offer you a pro tip. Pro tip is, you can say thanks Darryl for the lead. Nice to meet you, Joe. Joe, I’m swamped today but I’m going to follow up with you tomorrow. So, even if you can’t engage them, you can at least set expectations and they’re going to go, Oh, okay. They’re on it. I’ve heard life as good, is moving forward. That’s all people want. They just want to be heard and acknowledged and recognized. It’s all people want.

Samantha McKenna: Totally. Yeah, and you guys don’t even have to put an arm and a ton of work into the response. Just even say like, I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Or I’d love to chat with you. I’d love to find time to connect. Can you send me some times that work for you and then all schedule accordingly. Which is a whole another bad manners, I know we’ll talk about. But just that, like that gets it off of your plate puts the ball back in somebody else’s court, right? And gets them to say, sure, here are the times to meet with me.

Samantha McKenna: Quick pro tip for you guys as well. So one of the things that I do on any email that I send out where I know I need to get a response, and I’m not sending this through automated outreach or sales offer, or VanillaSoft, or any of this stuff. What I’m doing there is I’m Bcc-ing myself on the response. When I Bcc myself, that goes back into my inbox. It’s an unread mail. I’m making sure it’s staying top of mind. And it’s making sure that I follow up with that person. Because probably more than half of the time, even when somebody says, I want to book time with you, or they respond positively to SDRs or AEs and say, we’d love to book time. They have to be chased and they have to be followed up with. So, make sure you don’t just send that out into the atmosphere never to be looked at again. BCC yourself, make a note, make a task in sales force, do something quick and easy to make sure you follow up on it.

Darryl Praill: That’s just manners 101. Now, just so you know, don’t learn from me again, all right? I know I’m constantly sending emails to Sam and amazingly she’s really smart. She has her assistant email me say, Darryl, the restraining orders said you couldn’t do that. So, it’s just context. That’s what you need to understand. So I like that the inbound referral, acknowledge it, recognize it, and honor the individual as well as be grateful to the individual who sent you that lead. And why wouldn’t you do that? That costs you absolutely nothing. And if you treat that

Samantha McKenna: Totally referral well, guess what the referrer going to do next time again and again, and again.

Darryl Praill: Exactly, they’re going to do it again and again and again. And I think this is it. So you don’t need to do like every single step of the process. You don’t need to be connecting with the person that referred you and say like this is what happened. We had another meeting. This is what’s going on. But again, just reply, all, make sure that that person’s included in the response, move them to BCC. Like everybody does. Make sure that they know that that person’s been taken care of urgently. I would always send a separate email and say, Darryl thank you so much for sending this my way. Really appreciate it. I’ll let you know how it goes, et cetera but just a separate copy to say. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for doing us a massive favor.

Darryl Praill: After the first call I like to let the person who referred know how it went. And then as midway if this is going to be a long sales cycle, I just check in and let them know what’s going on. And then when, when it’s closed one or closed last I give an update to the person that referred. And frankly, I will always send them something as a thank you gift. This also blows my mind. You guys, for any of you guys that are in large organizations and have an arsenal of swag to send out, it’s there for a reason, send it out. If you’re in a smaller organization and you’ve got to lead the close for a huge ACV or a multi-year deal, talk to your boss and be like, can we send this person something? Can we send them a switcher, a gift, an Amazon gift card, a bottle of get a barrel, maybe a scotch, I don’t know.

Darryl Praill: Well, depending on the size of the deal, do something. Write a handwritten thank you note. It’s going to cost you a buck plus a stamp. Do something to show your gratitude. One of the things I was going to mention you guys, I also see this all the time where the person who responds to the lead, but not to the person who referred. So I’m like, hello? Did, you get back to them? And they’re like, Oh yeah, like a week ago. And I’ll be like, okay, thanks for letting me know.

Darryl Praill: Yes, exactly, thank you. I’ve actually used that exact, like in that conversation. I’ve sent WTF, dude. And they’re like, Oh, and all of a sudden they realize they F’d up, right? And I’m like, come on. This is like, you’re showing me amateur hour. But personally, one of the things that Samantha also likes to send out, if you don’t know this is 4 by 6 glossies of me, just so you’re aware of that. So, if you get a 4 by 6 glossy of Darryl.

Samantha McKenna: You’re welcome you guys

Darryl Praill: You know you’re in. All right. Sam, I want to a segue. I want to talk about something that you and I have talked about before. I want to bring it up again. Talk about bad manners. I’m going to just put it out there and then you can tell me if you think I’m an idiot, you agree or otherwise. I think, the old classic, hey, here’s my bullshit Calendly link Find time Mr, Miss prospect, in my calendar. Cause I’m too fricking busy and maybe I’ll spend time and talk to you. The bullshit Calendly link, Sam. Am I just being an uptight old man? Which I probably am, but…go for it

Samantha McKenna: You definitely are. I want to jump off a ledge. With the Calendly link. So, one of all, first one of all. One of all, listen to me guys. I know I’ve got great language skills over here. You should trust me. No shade thrown to Calendly or any of the companies that do this. Here’s where it’s inappropriate, in your first engagement with somebody. If somebody introduced me to Darryl for the first time and said, I think you should talk to Darryl, VanillaSoft could use you guys.

Samantha McKenna: Go ahead and do that. If I respond to a CRO and I say, Darryl, great to meet you. Here’s my Calendly link for you to schedule time with me. I think what Darryl’s going to do, is probably pull up two choice fingers for me. And I don’t think they’re going to be my thumbs. So, here’s what’s going to happen, right? You were going to set the precedent that you are lazy, that you’re making the person do the work, that you’re just like, and you’re sending the Calendly link instead of giving them an exceptional customer experience.

Samantha McKenna: And this doesn’t have to take a mountain again of movement to show that you’re above and beyond as a rep. Should just say, Darryl, so lovely to meet you. Can’t wait to chat. Can you send me a few times that work for you on your side? And I’ll send a calendar invite along accordingly. My dog wants to be on this podcast. So I hope that’s all right.

Darryl Praill: That’s okay.

Samantha McKenna: He’s so excited about this topic as well. Here’s the thing, when you do this, let’s say you are that rep that sends out the Calendly link and you send out these times. What if.. she’s really excited. What if those times don’t align with anybody, Or anything that that person has opened on their calendar? What if there’s a bunch of stuff that’s filled on your calendar? That’s internal meetings, one-on-one, some webcast just showed up, a match madness game that you’re watching. I don’t, whatever, if that time is blocked out, right? Maybe that C-suite then books the time for you for two weeks from now. I’ve just delayed my deal by two weeks. Maybe Darryl is going to die within two weeks. I want him to sign that deal before he gets hit by a bus, right?

Samantha McKenna: Urgency matters. Urgent bird gets the worm. Also, if you’re a sales rep, that’s not busy. If Darryl looks at my calendar and he sees nothing but open time. What’s he going to think of me? I’m really successful and he wants to work with me. No. Control the shit out of that first engagement. Make sure you got it controlled on your side. Make sure you move whatever the hell you need to to get to move. Meet with a CRO in six minutes from when you get that email. And, just give them a great customer experience. It serves them better.

Darryl Praill: All right, now, let me show you a different consideration above and beyond everything Sam just told you on this issue, which is the power dynamic. Any kind of sales process is a power dynamic. Who’s got power, are you willing to share it? Who’s in control, right? We know this. This is like sales training 101. When you come to me and you’re asking to meet with me. Which means ultimately, you want me to buy something. You want me to give you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s what you’re really asking me to do. To give it to you. But you’re too busy. What you’re really saying is, I, the sales rep, have all the power. And if you want to talk to me about my solution and my offering, you will bow down and click on this link and actually book time in my calendar. Cause I’m more important than you.

Samantha McKenna: Oh my God.

Darryl Praill: And the CRO or the buying, the whoever’s making that purchase decision, is going to say F you. There’s another solution out there. I don’t need it this bad. Now, many of you have had this conversation are saying, I don’t get it. This is just you, it’s personal preference. No, we in partnership with the AISB. VanillaSoft interviewed over 2000 executives. And guess what? The Calendly link or any link, Chili Piper, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care. All right, just that, here’s the link, was the least favorite approach. Over 60% said anything, but that. You can pick me up. Lately, we can have a phone call together. We can just share calendars right now. You can send me an email that says, here are X times I have available. Just pick one.

Darryl Praill: But if none of those times work for you, then here’s a link. That’s cool. That’s totally cool. All right, tomorrow three o’clock? Click, I’ll take that. Cause you’ve, you’ve showed me that you’re making yourself available to accommodate me as the buyer. I like it, I’m good. That’s the stupid thing. It’s not about you, It’s about your buyer. Get over yourself.

Samantha McKenna: Totally, and I think it’s interesting, I had a conversation with a VP of sales. That was struggling to get even more pipeline and deals going. And I noticed this consistently as part of their sales reps process. Is that every time I would make an introduction to that company. The sales rep would respond, yo, here’s my Calendly. I remember saying, think that this is part of the gap that you’ve got. It’s a really bad impression to the clients. The clients come back to me every time and say, this is awful.

Samantha McKenna: And I think that if you just change this one thing, you could speed up your deals and give a more favorable impression to those clients. But he did not agree with my point of view. So, alas. They’re continuing down their path.

Darryl Praill: And there you go. And it’s such a simple freaking change. Here’s the irony, is that Calendly as well as Chili Piper actually has that option to say, here’s three four or five times slots right now they can just click on it or here’s my Calendly link. So it’s actually in the tech you’re already using. All right, what’s next up there, my good friend, Sam.

Samantha McKenna: All right, so what’s next step? Let’s see, not doing any homework before we prep, not doing any homework or prep work before we meet with somebody for the first time. I’m seeing that constantly. I’m seeing that for sales pitches. I’m seeing that for interviews, we, at #samsales, interview for a bunch of our clients to make sure that they’re getting top performing talent in the door, and people will show up and they’ll be like, what do you love about working at VanillaSoft? And I’m like, we’re a consultant and I’m the CEO of another company. And they’re like, Oh, and then that’s great. So, do your prep, does this happen to you Darryl?

Darryl Praill: Nonstop, so there’s two scenarios that happened I’ll get on a call, and I’ll follow up with a typically, probably an SDR. So, they’re trying to qualify me and I’ll say something like, so what do you know about VanillaSoft? And they’ll go, ahh, what do you know about me? Ahh, I’m like, dude, like it’s a website, it’s a LinkedIn profile. I mean, right away, you haven’t even made an effort to connect the dots.

Darryl Praill: And I’m going to assume I’m on your targeted hit list which means you should be focusing on a little bit of research. That’s the first thing. The second thing I hate similarly, is when I get handed off from the SDR to the account executive. So, they’ve already qualified me and I’m in the account executive role, which means, we’re going to maybe do a deep dive and discovery or maybe do a product demo, whatever it might be. That’s what I’m expecting. That’s the expectations the SDR made with me when I accepted that appointment. And I get there, and the AE says, all right, so Darryl so tell me, how many reps do you have? Well, I just told you guys. Okay, I’m sorry, yeah, I see it here. Okay, great.

Darryl Praill: So, now we’re thinking that you guys need Outreach, really? Do you understand that I compete with Outreach or the best one is I get this one all the time. So, what CRM are you guys using? What CRM are you using? I have my own platform. I run my own software. I told that to the SDR. So, I spend the first 10 minutes going over what I already went over. And then usually what I do now, I’m a cranky old, man. I simply say, listen, why don’t we reschedule this when you’ve had time to read the notes? And they’ll say, ah, and I’ll say, no, no, I’m done. Send me an email, we’ll rebook it. Because nothing’s going to be learned if I let them get away with that behavior.

Samantha McKenna: Let me ask you a question. How do you, so I would be horrified to think that there is a BDR is qualifying a CRO for a conversation with my AE. Does that turn you off to begin with? Like, how are you not qualified enough as the Chief Revenue Officer of an organization? With a budget that you have and the people that you have? I would never want my BDR touching level of title, right? A 22 or 23 or 26 year old talking to you when it could be my AE whose job it is to discover and work with you. Is that a turnoff to you?

Darryl Praill: Well, it’s stupid. Like if you look at my own organization, right? And we’ve gone from a heavily inbound, to when I took over. To now a mix a double funnel of inbound and account based marketing. So, outbound and my AEs own the larger accounts and the named accounts. So, and only the SDRs own industry accounts. So in our case, which is pretty typical. Every AE has five large accounts taking them as your whales. They have 40 named accounts. It’s like your perfect customer, right?

Darryl Praill: And then you have the 500 industry accounts. They’re like, yeah, they’re kind of, they could be a good fit. We’ll take their money, but if the SDR screws it up. I’m not losing sleep over it. But my AE better be dealing the large and the named. And if you don’t do that, I think you’re a moron.

Samantha McKenna: Totally, well, let’s also talk about the fact so. When we don’t do prep work, right? So I talked to so many sales reps that are really senior that they think they’ve got it all figured out. They know exactly what to say on discovery calls, right? So they don’t do prep work. And we’re like, you have to, you need to do research. You need to be prepared. You need to have a point of view and narrative understand their space, something, right? 10 to 15 minutes, it doesn’t take long but know something about that client.

Samantha McKenna: And they still say, no. So if I call you Darryl as a rep, and I’m like, you’re taking a meeting with me and I’m like, Hey, I’m like, thanks for making time for me. So, tell me about you. Tell me what I can do to help you. What would you say?

Darryl Praill: I would say, aren’t we backwards here? Isn’t this, like you should know this already before we have this conversation, like you’re asking me to sell me for you. That’s what you’re asking me to do.

Samantha McKenna: If I get screwed and you ask me, well tell me what you know about VanillaSoft first. And I don’t know anything. What am I going to do then? Then I’m going to look like an idiot. And you’re going to hang up on me anyway. I mean, it’s, this is table stakes, right? Like, you need to do this. And for any of you guys who we’re interviewing. For the love of God, right?

Samantha McKenna: When you interview for a job, this is again, so, so easy. Who is this person that you’re talking to? Where did they go to school? Where have they worked before? I am, It’s 50, 50. I either get people who researched the crap out of me. And they’re like, I’ve watched 17 hours of your content this weekend. And I’m like, I’m so sorry. Or I get someone that’s like, what’s up Sarah? And I’m like, that’s not my name. Thanks so much. So there’s a little bit of both

Darryl Praill: I was on a call yesterday with a fellow said to me, Hey, you guys really need to get really involved in sales hacker. And I said, do you think so? He was, yeah. And I said, so you think I should get involved with sales hacker that was acquired by Outreach whom I compete against? Is that what you’re saying to me? And then all of a sudden, this is long pause. And it’s like, Oh shit. And I’m like, yeah. So, okay, there we go. Okay, we are tight on time my friend Sam. Last beef that I have wanted your thoughts on it. This is the lightening round. My biggest beef. Well, one of my biggest beefs. I have many big beefs, is when you book an appointment with me, I show up and you don’t show up for five or 10 minutes if ever. And if you do show up, you act like it’s nothing at all. And you just carry on.

Samantha McKenna: Listen, I thought we weren’t going to talk about this publicly? Like we agreed. I think the accountability, right? Like falling on your sword, being accountable, showing that you made a mistake is so critical. I, Darryl, this happens to me all the time too, or reps will show up two or three minutes late and they’re like how’s it going?

Samantha McKenna: And I’m like, good, where were you? And I know it’s two or three minutes, like we’re not talking about an in-person appointment where you had to work through our labyrinth of security to get the hell up to us right? That’s fine. And that happens. But on a zoom when you just show up, right? We’re going, literally clicking on one and into the other. If I’m two or three minutes late, I’m like, I’m so sorry. You know, every time I try to get off a call, someone’s like let’s talk about the meaning of life at 12:59. And I’m like, I’ve got a one o’clock with Darryl and he’s going to chew me out, If I’m not on time. Just own up to it.

Samantha McKenna: Be accountable. Same thing with the lead. If you have to go after the lead, the next day be accountable. I’m so sorry for the lack of response. I’m sorry, It took me so long to respond. That displays that you got some social awareness and at least some IQ about the situation. And what it’s going to be like to work with you. Cause if it’s like this on the first date, then, Oh my God, for the future.

Darryl Praill: Friends, friends, how to win friends and influence people brought to you by your good friend, Sam McKenna of #samsales Consulting. Check out She is like a huge public speaker. Spends all of her first quarter, I think doing nothing but sales kickoffs. She, if you want to set your sales on fire then you need to reach out to Sam. And I said this with all respect, we are a client. I’m not just a fan. I’m also a client. Also I like to think Sam is the reason that I now have LinkedIn live, do not ask her for that. I just think she might have some influence and because of her I now have it That’s just it. She’s if you’re just listening to the audio just like scratching her.

Samantha McKenna: For you Darryl

Darryl Praill: She’s doing the knife symbol on her throat.

Samantha McKenna: For you Darryl free, everybody else 10 grand.

Darryl Praill: Exactly 10 grand. A dynamite dynamite expert in all things, sales messaging, positioning. You need to talk to her because you know what she’s going to teach you. She’s going to teach you how to use manners to succeed or how manners your lack of manners are kicking you in the ass. And that’s it. That’s Sam, I’m Darryl. This is another week in the books of the INSIDE Inside Sales show. We’ll talk to you soon. Take care. Bye-bye.