Call Recording

Is your team on-script and on-brand? Are they presenting themselves professionally? There’s only one way to find out. Every call carries a recording with it.

Improve Messaging

VanillaSoft’s unique call recording software not only attaches each recording to the contact, but it also associates the recording with the call outcome. This offers inside sales managers the ability to filter recordings by any result for targeted coaching and training with sales reps.

Improve Sales

Sort and view recordings by call outcome, specified date range, or by individual sales rep for targeted training and coaching.

Improve Marketing

Recorded calls can be used by marketing to uncover common pain points, language and messaging that resonated best and even get a better sense of the characteristics of your targeted buyers.

Quality Control

See every interaction with a prospect, all in one place – including call recordings, notes, emails, text messages, and contact history for easy review.

The language of selling is more than just the words

Communicating with your prospects is more than just stating the key value propositions. The tone of voice, the language used, talking speed, inflection, delivery, and energy all play a part. Review your team’s sales calls to find your successful sales voice.

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