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Lead & Sales Tracking

Make your life easier with sales engagement software that removes all the barriers to productivity no matter what day of the month it is. Oh, and unlike your team, it actually keeps you in the loop.

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Real-time Inside Sales Insights

It’s not magical, but it is powerful. Manage inside sales teams more proactively and respond immediately to issues before they become problems. Our lead tracking software makes it simpler to evaluate revenue-generating decisions with real-time visibility into your team’s performance.

Sales Activity

Monitor individual team member performance and respond with additional training or coaching when needed.

Performance Visibility

Easily evaluate call activity metrics and identify trends for greater control over the sales process.

ROI on Leads

Leverage insights for better communication with marketing – measure lead channels and quality to improve inbound marketing efforts.

Use our lead tracking software for real-time sales insights

Call-Activity Dashboard

Get a real-time view of your sales activity on a clean, visual dashboard.


Create custom reports to analyze lead campaigns and sales rep performance

Data Querying

Filter and segment data using any field for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Corporate View

Easily manage multiple contacts within an organization from a single view.

Custom Fields

Create unique fields that can be used in reports, data segmentation, and can be merged into scripts for easy data collection.

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