Colt Powertrain is a one-stop source for engines, transmissions and transfer cases. It offers products to automotive repair professionals, car dealers and consumers on a variety of makes and models including domestic brands like Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, and GM, as well as a range of components and engines for foreign models.

VanillaSoft gives us freedom and exibility. We are able to align it to our sales process. I’m not as constrained as I’ve been with any other CRM solution.Sales Manager
Colt Powertrain


Colt Powertrain’s call center had been a pilot project and was moving from startup mode to a full-blown sales arm of the business. The call center team had no Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software or sales enablement technology and management needed a full-time sales manager to come on board to handle the team and CRM selection.

Colt Powertrain brought in an experienced sales manager who had both call center management and automotive industry experience to help continue to grow Colt Powertrain’s business. One of the new sales manager’s first action items was to select the right call center CRM solution for the team. Based on past experience using multiple CRM solutions, including VanillaSoft, Colt Powertrain’s new sales manager knew the power of VanillaSoft’s feature set for sales-by-phone professionals but exercised due diligence by assessing a full list of potential solution providers. Ultimately, VanillaSoft had the desired feature set to move the team from manual, time-consuming processes to an automated solution focused on productivity and efficiency.

VanillaSoft email templates are a godsend. They help ensure the right information is communicated and help my team sound professional and on-point every time.Sales Manager
Colt Powertrain


After the VanillaSoft implementation, the most immediate impact was on efficiency. The team went from writing details of each call on paper to entering important information, comments, and notes directly into custom data capture fields within VanillaSoft during each call. The ability to create custom fields and enter data directly into VanillaSoft helped reduce errors, improved the accuracy of order detail capture, and allowed for automated emails that merged order details directly from the contacts order information improved communication with shipping. VanillaSoft’s integrated payment gateway made processing orders quicker, and the web reporting tools streamlined and increased efficiency in their reporting process. The queue-based architecture helped prevent salespeople from cherry-picking leads and also reduced instances of duplicate e ort where two people were working the same lead.

Centralized data and reporting capabilities have also begun to help management uncover other opportunities and savings. Training opportunities are more readily identifiable thanks to call reports, result codes, and comment capture. These insights weren’t as readily apparent with manual management of written call data. Another area where Colt Powertrain has benefited is the ability to quickly identify cases of duplicate contact entries on purchased lists.

VanillaSoft also provides consistent messaging for all users. Predefined email templates help ensure each representative uses the same approved, professionally written message. Logical-branch scripting helps guide representatives through data gathering conversations which increased the amount of information gathered on each call. Management also has the ability to monitor live calls and record calls allowing for immediate feedback when needed and is a valuable coaching tool to help representatives improve their sales technique.

VanillaSoft features used most often:

  • Automated Team Work-flow
  • Queue-based Lead Routing
  • Logical Branch Scripting
  • Contact Routing
  • Result Codes
  • Data Query & Reporting
  • Custom Fields
  • Automated Lead Status Update
  • Integrated Payment Gateway

Colt Powertrain

Colt Powertrain is a one-stop source for engines, transmissions and transfer cases.

Industry: Automotive

Headquarters: Decatur, TX

Founded: 2014

Started Using Vanillasoft: 2015

Specializing in:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
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