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Efficient and easy-to-use, VanillaSoft helps your team engage more prospects so you can pass even more warm leads on to your customers. Providing insight into all of your callers’ activity and results, VanillaSoft enables immediate adjustments to scripting, staffing, lead routing, and more.

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Maximize Productivity

Simple and intuitive, all the tools necessary for multi-channel lead engagement are available from one screen.

Eliminate Busywork

No more tedious tasks like managing lists, writing emails, hand dialing, and leaving voice messages.

Priority-based Lead Management

Agents are not required to manage lists or call-backs. The VanillaSoft routing queue will present the best new leads and follow-up activities at the ideal time, automatically.

Track Agent Activity

Whether in the office or as part of a distributed and remote team, monitor agent activity and results so you can adjust staffing levels or provide additional training.

Analyze All Aspects of Your Campaigns

Detailed reporting provides insights into campaign performance, allowing your team to make script or lead routing adjustments on the fly. It also enables your sales team to provide more accurate project quotes to your customers.

Customize Each Customer’s Campaign

Quickly create customized cadences, messaging, and data fields for each customer’s campaign.

Shift Effortlessly Between Projects

Agents can easily shift between different customers and projects without having to log out.

Add Appointments Directly to Your Clients’ Calendar

With access to your clients’ calendars your team can immediately book appointments and demos while the prospect is on the line.


Intellective Routing has made a huge difference for us. Words cannot express how much I love this tool. It’s so cool.

Sara Bishop

Director of Program Management, SalesRoads

It’s so easy for anybody to figure out how it works within the first 15 minutes, or the first session of using it.

Ryan Pereus

CEO, Superhuman Prospecting

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