On this week’s episode of Conversational Selling, we sit down with special guest Darryl Praill. Darryl is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, the industry’s most established sales engagement platform, as well as an award-winning marketer, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote Speaker, a Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert, radio broadcaster, podcaster, and social media influencer. He has also raised over $100 million in venture capital.

“I’ve had the success I’ve had in my career by being incredibly, uncomfortably, awkwardly vulnerable and transparent, which is saying, well, Darryl, you’ve won these awards, you’ve raised a lot of money, and that’s a lot of power brokers and a lot of rooms— How can you do that by being so vulnerable and transparent? And the reason is that people look at you and say, wow, you’re that vulnerable and transparent and don’t mind sharing it, you must be really confident, or you’re really relatable,” says Darryl.

We chat about the key differences between a sales engagement platform and a CRM, as well as:

  • Pivoting to increase your sales pipeline
  • Never being above cold-calling
  • How a pipeline solves everything
  • Developing a personal brand
  • And more

Listen now…