Few things motivate, or demotivate, a salesperson more than how they are paid. Most business owners view compensation one dimensionally: how much should a salesperson earn if they make quota. Compensation can be used to do more than excite a salesperson to make a sale. Properly constructed, a compensation plan can also motivate and excite a salesperson to engage in all the desired behaviors that lead up to the sale — leading to a consistent flow of sales.

In this fun and educational webinar, best-selling author, Lee Salz, and VanillaSoft’s VP of Sales, Guy De La Cruz, will help you create and get the most out of your compensation plan.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What the Sales Compensation Equilateral Triangle is
  • What a Sales Behavioral Objective program is
  • How to utilize these concepts to create a compensation plan that promotes and sustains the right sales behaviors
  • How sales automation technology can effect your compensation plan and accelerate growth