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Close more deals faster with the only lead priority-based sales engagement platform. VanillaSoft automates the prospecting workflow so your team can focus their time on multi-channel outreach to the leads most likely to convert.

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Engage Across Multiple Channels

Don’t rely on email alone. Dynamic cadences featuring SMS, video and phone support ensure thorough outreach.

Eliminate Busywork

No more tedious tasks like managing lists, writing emails, hand dialing, and leaving voice messages. Simple and intuitive, all the tools necessary for lead engagement are available from one screen.

Priority-based Lead Management

Agents are not required to manage lists or call-backs. The VanillaSoft routing queue will present the best new leads and follow-up activities at the ideal time, automatically.

Track Sales Success

Whether in the office or as part of a distributed team, a complete vision of campaign and sales activity allows you to fine-tune messaging, adjust scripts, or provide additional training.

Enforce Consistent Follow-up

Customizable cadences ensure your agents work every lead thoroughly, maximizing the ROI for each lead.

Import Leads from Any Source

No matter where you source your leads (Facebook, web forms, chat bots, lead list services, etc.) they can all be imported into VanillaSoft where they can realize their maximum value.

Lead From the Top

Sales engagement is most effective with a consistent structure. With control over lead access, routing, scripts, cadences, message templates and more, management can focus the Sales & Business Development team for maximum return.


If you are looking for a tool to manage your prospecting, this is perhaps the best tool out there.

David Downer

Operations Director & Client Program Manager, ProSales Connection, LLC

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