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Monitor Your Rates – Sent, Delivery, Bounce

Track your KPIs opens, clicks, replies and take smart actions.

Real-time analytics

Access your campaign stats instantly. Track your sent, delivery, open, click-through, reply, and bounce rates. Easily predict customer engagement patterns and behaviors, and identify the exact moment when your leads are sales-ready.

Know what works and what doesn’t

Our detailed reports enable you to keep track of how each member of your team is performing. Filter the stats for each campaign and team member, and see the results in black and white.

Double down on the highest converting message

Go through comprehensive stats compiled and analyzed by Autoklose, and identify the winning subject line, body content, and high performing campaigns. Revolutionize your A/B testing and optimize your campaigns with Autoklose.

Product Overview

Crush your sales quota with Autoklose. It’s easy. Four simple steps.

Step 01

Set up your campaign

Autoklose is tailored to suit your needs. You can choose from a number of different options to set up your campaign:

  1. Select a campaign name
  2. Starting date and sending hours
  3. Choose a time-zone on a campaign level
  4. Check off the box and select the days you want to be prospecting
  5. Choose between two campaign modes: Regular vs. Drip
  6. Select the most important statistics you want to track

Step 02

Choose your recipients

Take advantage of a large database packed with millions of clean, verified B2B contacts living inside your Autoklose.

  • Utilize our lead builder and created targeted contact lists
  • Segment and filter your data and adjust your content accordingly
  • Access roles, levels, experience, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Utilize our smart lead scoring and reach out to hot leads only
  • Our data cleansing tool consolidates duplicated contact records
  • Clean your contact lists on the go using our powerful engines

Step 03

Select the best converting template

Identify what works, save prewritten messages, campaign setups that perform well and share and reuse them at any time with your teammates.

  1. A/B test everything and understand what works
  2. Share and collaborate with your team before hitting the send button
  3. Our powerful campaign editor allows you to attach files, leverage video prospecting, add tokens or custom fields, insert an infinite number of follow-ups, intervals, etc., inside your templates
  4. Autoklose offers you a selection of predefined, customizable, high-converting sales email templates

Step 04

Customize your e-mail sequence

Send automated, highly personalized and engaging email campaigns.

  • Emails are sent directly from your personal business email account and look 100% manually typed; add unlimited number of follow-ups
  • Send separate emails or reply in threads with custom time intervals
  • Add or record a personal video with just a couple of clicks, attach files, add multimedia, URLs and format your content the way it works for you
  • Follow the advice of our robo-kloser and remove the spam phrases
  • Take advantage of A/B testing, preview, send a test and more…

Works the Way You Do

The Autoklose email tracking software supports your Gmail, GSuite, Outlook or Office365 inbox, and automatically keeps tabs on all your important messages without disrupting your workflow. Autoklose can connect and send emails from any email account provided you have IMAP access enabled (which most accounts do). By using your own address, you will make emails more personal and improve the deliverability and open rates of your campaigns.

Connect any other email account via IMAP

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


Great Email-Automation Tool with a large database. The huge database helped us reach out to thousands of leads, saving us time. We really like Autoklose!

Aaron Ross

CEO, Predictable Revenue


Excellent support, excellent product! We managed to save 5 hrs per sales rep per week and land 30 new opportunities during the first quarter with Autoklose.

Ewa Stachowiak

CMO, SentiOne


“Your software and services have set the standard of expectation that we at DGF feel providers must have in order for us to find value.”

Brad Dravis

Sales Director at DHL

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