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VanillaSoft’s customizable donor engagement platform allows you to craft your software around your campaigns – not the other way round – ensuring the best possible experience for your donors and fundraisers.

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VanillaSoft’s fully customizable, multi-channel donor engagement software delivers proven increases in donor acquisition, engagement, and donations.

Cost effective and easy to use, VanillaSoft empowers fundraisers to fully engage donors through high quality, high volume, personalized interactions via phone, email, and SMS.

Campaign your way

Customize the user interface, workflow, and follow-up process to your individual requirements, ensuring the best possible experience for donors and fundraisers alike.

VoIP (and then some!)

Draw upon a wide variety of VoIP telephony features options including SMS text messaging, click-to-dial, voicemail drop, call whispering, call monitoring, call transfer, and more.

Chat with Confidence

VanillaSoft’s logical branch scripts facilitate more natural conversations with your donors. You can also tailor your messaging to individual segments for more personalized engagement.

Build Relationships

Stewardship automation triggers personalized emails and text messages based on the outcome of the call. Launch custom email drip campaigns by donor segment or fund designation to ensure no pledge goes un-chased.

Prioritize Your Donors

Dynamically prioritize constituents to ensure you always have the right student, calling the right prospect, at the right time, in line with your best-practice segmentation strategy.

Update Donor Specifics

Track updates to constituent information seamlessly during caller interactions and validate new contact information as you go, for easy import back into your primary database.

Track Your Progress

Live dashboards and custom reports ensure you always have the information you need, when you need it, in the format that works best for you.

Multi-Channel Outreach

VanillaSoft seamlessly integrates all core channels: VoIP telephony, SMS, video, email and voicemail. This allows your students to be more creative with their outreach; working to identify the most effective channel for each individual donor.

World Class Support

Both pre and post implementation, VanillaSoft offers unlimited, free, world-class support from subject matter experts. We put our customers at the centre of everything we do.

VPAT Compliance

The user interface of VanillaSoft’s Fundraising Edition is fully compliant with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Web Contact Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), making fundraising a breeze for all calling agents.


“There is nothing not to like about VanillaSoft. My recommendation to others considering using the product would simply be “Try it!”

Cambridge University

“VanillaSoft has provided an innovative and turnkey way to bring our Student Phonathon program to the next level. Experience the demo and meet the VanillaSoft team and you will be sold.”

Wheaton College

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increase in giving rate


increase in giving rate

increase in giving rate


increase in new donor acquisition

increase in giving rate


increase in funds raised

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Annual Fund & Phonathon

Recurring Gift Upgrade

Donor Acquisition

Stewardship & Thanking

Multi-channel Engagement

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