200% Increase in Sales Activity Drives Best-in-Class Client Experience

VanillaSoft enables One of a Kind Sales to deliver unparalleled lead generation activity, results, and service to their clients

Executive Summary 

One of a Kind Sales (OOAKS) leverages VanillaSoft to increase all types of sales activity, improve automation of routine sales steps, and streamline communication with their lead generation clients. VanillaSoft’s Intellective Routing, advanced reporting, automated email, and voicemail drops have helped make One of a Kind Sales a top inside sales management provider known for quality results.


  • Increase call and email activity volume without increasing operational overhead
  • Augment volume with smart messaging and timing
  • Improve communication with clients for real-time campaign status and results


  • Intellective Routing to improve sales lead prioritization and sales rep efficiency
  • Logical Branch Scripting, Voicemail Drops, and Email Templates to increase activity
  • Enhanced Reporting for coaching and communication


  • Increased call volume as much as 500% without increasing operational overhead
  • Augmented activity volume with smart messaging and timing to increase conversion rates.
  • Established a positive customer experience by utilizing custom dashboards to improve client communications including real-time alerts

Balancing Quality and Quantity

One of a Kind Sales offers a variety of services including sales recruitment, sales qualified lead and appointments generation, and their flagship Call Center in a Box. This program allows OOAKS to virtually manage an inside sales team for a company that needs more expertise and insight than they have in-house. Specifically, CEO and Founder Nancy Calabrese found it difficult to find a platform designed for sales prospecting that allowed their team of seasoned inside sales professionals to:

  • Increase the number of dials per agent, per hour to at least 20
  • Improve and control the tone and quality of agent conversations to ensure standard messaging for optimal data collection and conversion rates
  • Create a dashboard enabling the internal and client teams to work together seamlessly.

How VanillaSoft Supercharged One of a Kind Sales

One of a Kind Sales has standardized their team on VanillaSoft for their Call Center in a Box and Qualified Appointment Setting products. Nancy said one of her favorite things is, “It’s just so easy to use. It’s user friendly.” 

Intellective Routing

Sales professionals know the art of selling is hitting the right person with the right message at the right time. Intellective Routing helps ensure that the best leads take the highest priority, and the right leads go to the right salesperson using logic and queues — all at the right time. 

“For our Insurance campaigns…one of the critical data [pieces] that we collect is the renewal date. Say a renewal date is July. Well, VanillaSoft will bring that lead to the callers’ queue 90 days before then. So the caller doesn’t have to do it!”

By utilizing Intellective Routing, OOAKS ensured that their client’s high-value groups of leads are immediately distributed to the right salesperson, and are exhausted before allowing an agent to move on.

Other systems allow you to score leads easily but do not necessarily automate and enforce the follow-up. Why rank leads if they are not going to get contacted based on priority?

Automated Multi-Channel Activity

OOAKS immediately saw not only an increase in activity volume when switching to VanillaSoft, but they also saw an increase in the quality of those conversations. By combining features like logical-branch scripting, voicemail drops, and email templates, OOAKS created repeatable, scalable, and profitable branding for their clients.

“Every message that is dropped — the same message goes out; it’s professionally delivered. So for my clients and for my company, the audience is hearing exactly the same [thing], which is the beginning of branding…It’s free branding! So we [drop the voicemail], and then the email goes out automatically.”

By combining consistent scripting, voicemail drops, and templated emails that are sent automatically based on call result codes, OOAKS has seen dramatic results.

“We were averaging ten dials per hour [before VanillaSoft across all of our clients]…One of my clients…was averaging four dials per hour, and now the team is up to 20 dials an hour, which is where they should be.” 

That’s a 500% increase in activity amplified by consistent messaging and automated email follow up. Who can’t use more, better quality activity?

Seamless Reporting and Communication

One of the challenges of managing multiple sales teams working numerous campaigns is how to report results and ensure strategy stays aligned with outcomes. OOAKS uses custom tables to create a different view for each client. This is especially key when an appointment is scheduled, and a handoff to sales is needed. Each client receives the tailored information needed to have the best chance to close the deal – whether it’s renewal dates, custom discovery questions, or any variable requested. 

“So [now with VanillaSoft] when an appointment is set up, a data-sheet is triggered with all of the contact information, comments section, and we’re able to email that out to our clients. So when they’re ready for the first appointment, they have all the information!”

VanillaSoft’s dashboards help not only OOAKS but also help their clients identify where to deploy their time and resources when coaching and developing their Routing teams. By identifying top and bottom performers with a wide variety of metrics, coaching time is directed where it is needed most and focused on the skills that need the most attention.

“Our job is to keep the callers on track for 20 dials an hour, and I have some that hit 30 an hour, 25 —and then, of course, there are those that hit 14 or 16. What that tells me is they’re doing too much research before they’re doing the call, which is not necessary because more than likely, they’re going to get a voicemail anyway.”

When a client trusts you to run their inbound sales organization, consistent, complete communication is key.

In Conclusion 

Since deploying VanillaSoft in 2017, Nancy and the entire One of a Kind Sales team have been thrilled with the versatility and ease they’ve experienced with the solution. Through Intellective Routing, increased activity volume and impact, and custom reporting, OOAKS has increased activity up to 500%, improved message quality, and standardization and client satisfaction. Perhaps even more importantly, the competitive advantage VanillaSoft gives One of a Kind Sales has allowed them to aggressively acquire new clients and expand their operations in a highly competitive market.

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