Cadence is not a new thing. Having a good cadence is something that all high performing sales professionals rely on. So how strong is yours? Without having any kind of a cadence your pipeline activity eventually falls flat and you will consistently risk missing your quota, month after month. Are you following sales cadence best practices?

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by the globally renowned speaker and sales trainer Luigi Prestinenzi. Darryl and Luigi discuss how essential a good cadence is and offer fantastic insight on how to make yours stronger and more effective. They also offer up some advice on the power of simple persistence, ways to help better understand your buyers, as well as changing your mindset to drive pipeline activity. Learn how to thicken your pipeline through an improved cadence on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!







Host: Darryl PraillVanillaSoft

Guest: Luigi Prestinenzi, Sales IQ Global


Cadence is Key

Darryl Praill: My goodness, my goodness, my goodness, my friends! How are ya? How are ya? How you been? It’s been crazy, I’ve been traveling, and that’s… Do you ever know how many podcasts I start off talking to you guys, talking about how I’ve been traveling nonstop? And here’s the worst part, okay? So yeah, I’ve been traveling nonstop. Today’s guest, and I’m not gonna give it away yet. I’m not gonna give it away. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a he, not a she. If you hear him laughing in the background until we bring him on. You know, it’s just a normal. It’s like you guys laugh at me, he’s gonna laugh at me too.

Darryl Praill: But my point being, this guy, this guy has been way busier than I have. And I think I’ve been crazy. If you haven’t figured out the formula by now, we are the title sponsors of OutBound. And like a good marketer, like the good little marketer that I am. I completely use that as an excuse to go and get every single one of the 18 speakers who are gonna be there, who are world class speakers. We truly guess we’re the sponsor of the event. But you know, guys and girls there’s a reason we’re a sponsor of this event. This is the event to sponsor because of the quality of the speakers. No pitching over and over again.

Darryl Praill: So the good marketer in me says, “Every single one of you are gonna be on my damn podcast “’cause you’re awesome. “And then we can promote the show “and we can promote you and all.” But most of all, and this is truth, I can get your wisdom out there to my audiences. It’s my audience I love. And getting him on the show was an exercise and a half, let’s go with that. Not because he doesn’t like me, this could be possible that he doesn’t. ‘Cause he’s actually been on our webinars and stuff before. I’ll give you a hint. He was in a debate with Benjamin Dennehy, it’s all I’m gonna say for now, you see if you can figure it out.

Darryl Praill: And ’cause he’s nuts, he is literally traveling the world. I believe where he is right now. Full disclosure. What is it? It’s around 1:30 p.m Eastern Time where I’m recording and it’s probably about 5:00, 5:30 a.m where he is. He got up super fricking early just for this podcast. So it’s tomorrow where he is. He’s already heard this podcast. So that’s how crazy it is. And so why does that matter beyond me telling you that I’m busy, but he’s busier.

Darryl Praill: And me whining that I get him on the show has been a pursuit. Well, it matters for a couple things. One, he, I want to close the deal. I want him on my show for you. So I had to pursue him. And when I pursued him, I had to use a cadence of outreach, a frequency because he wasn’t responding on a regular basis ’cause of his travel schedules. The reason he wasn’t responding was, halftime he was in the air or he was asleep. I had to use phone, I had to use email, I had to use social, like you wouldn’t believe, you know. I had to use storytelling. I had to use guilt, a little bit of guilt. I had to say, “My friend, you are now officially the last one in the “recording session. “Are you ever gonna come?”

Darryl Praill: I had to reduce the friction by saying, instead of going back and forth and saying, “Well, I’m free next Tuesday, “or I’m free next Wednesday, or at this time or this time.” I just sent him a link and said, “You pick a time. “This is an access to my calendar. “And I don’t care if it’s midnight, my time. “I will come into the studio, I will record with you. “I want you.” I don’t wanna be going to OutBound and they’re saying, “Yeah, we had everybody on except this one.” I want them all. So we got him here, that’s exciting point, but it was a cadence.

Darryl Praill: And it really brought me back a little bit to, you know, when I was actively selling all the time. And the one thing I struggled with, was probably two things. I struggle with time management. Candidly, you ask anybody I work with, I am so distracted by the shiny things. So time management, and we’ve talked about this before. We’ve had a podcast, specifically on time management. Blocking off your calendar, committing to certain that is, you cannot violate that. And that’s because that’s what I needed.

Darryl Praill: So time management, I sucked at. The other part I sucked at was, I mentioned cadence, the cadence of getting your guests on. The cadence of pursuing the deal. I actually sucked at cadence. I sucked at mixing it up, I would just relentlessly, or periodically, use one channel. There was no rhyme or reason to the rhythm of what I would do. So imagine, now because life is so funny. Life is so funny. You just never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, or the day after.

Darryl Praill: So imagine in mid, you know, 2017 when recruiter comes knocking on the door, and he says, “Darryl, I’ve got this sales engagement company “who’s got a killer platform around cadences, “and playbooks, and sequences.” And I’m like, “Bam!” Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor because if anybody needs to use this technology, it’s me. And I know I need to use it. I understand the power. I understand why you’d want to use it, and maybe finally I can use this technology in this case, Vanilla Soft, to manage my own cadences of outreach. Oh my gosh, can you guys relate to that?

Darryl Praill: The whole cadence thing, the whole rich, shiny objects into time management. I am still not good at that. I tell people. I was on a call this morning with a customer, not a sales prospect. A customer and she was saying, “You said you were gonna do this case study with me “and I never heard back from you.” And I’m like, “Oh, my travel schedule. “I’m sorry, I am. I talked a week ago with so and so internally about getting you written up and we’re gonna do it.”

Darryl Praill: And I said, “You need to know I suck at this, so you have permission to chase me. Don’t worry about offending me.” She’s like, “Okay, I’ll do that.” I said, “Great.” That’s how bad I am at cadence.

Welcome Luigi Prestinenzi

Darryl Praill: So with that, I thought it was high time we got a cadence rock star on here which is kind of funny that we’re at Vanilla Soft. So I did. And you know where I found him? I finally found him at home in Melbourne, Australia. Please welcome to the show. Luigi Prestinenzi. My good friend Luigi, how are you my friend?

Luigi Prestinenzi: Darryl, thank you very much for having me on your show. And thank you for chasing me and putting me into your outreach cadence because I know I’ve been difficult to catch. Travel schedule has been hectic so I’m super excited about coming on your podcast and talking all things styles and cadence.

Darryl Praill: What I love about having guests like Luigi, and on the fact that he’s at the OutBound Conference as a rock star. Quick question. Have you presented there before? I’ve never been to the show, it’s my first year. Have you presented it before or this is your first year?

Luigi Prestinenzi: No. I was a delegate. I went as a participant last year. I flew, I did the whole, going from Australia to Atlanta is not a short trip.

Darryl Praill: No.

Luigi Prestinenzi: It’s a probably a 20-odd hour, exercise. And so I made that journey, and it was the best sales conference I’ve ever been to. You know, with just all the sales professionals wanting to engage and absorbs such incredible content. And Anthony, and Victor, and Cole, they delivered because it was an exceptional experience. And so, you know, really humbled that I’m able to share that experience with so many of the authors that are sitting behind me that I’ve learned so much from.

Darryl Praill: So think about that, folks. I’m gonna set the stage here a little bit. So what he just said, has a lot of context for you. Luigi is the host of the Sales IQ Podcast, all right? He lives in Brazil. He’s the Co-Founder of Sales IQ Global. It’s an E-learning and then sales enablement platform. That, is crazy. It incorporates methodologies, and frameworks, and tools and templates and content, all designed to assist in effective sales and account management with the sole intent of improving your skills and your results.

Darryl Praill: And making you guys rock stars at what you do. So this is what he does. And this is why he’s so in demand. It’s all about sales enablement, sales consulting, sales training. I set the stage for that because, what did he just tell you? He said, he flew 20 plus hours to go be a student to learn from other people. So the best in the business, never stop learning. They park their ego, they don’t pretend to have all the answers. And even though the reason he’s been hard to get ahold of is because he’s been busy with customers, and just you know, the business is booming. He still made time to go do this, and this is what you should be doing as well.

Darryl Praill: So that’s my little sidebar rant, please go do that. In the meantime, if you’re at a computer or listen to this, go to, check out the company, download other content, resources, send him a personal contact us request on the forms. And say, “Darryl says hey.” Whatever you wanna do, do that.

Sales Cadence Best Practices

Darryl Praill: I wanna come back to you my friend. You’re passionate about a couple of things. You’re passionate about mindset. And we’ve covered that a couple times in the last little while. But you’re also passionate about cadence. So why is this a passion for you?

Luigi Prestinenzi: Yeah, it’s a great question, you know. And I think it’s funny. When I first started my career, we were running cadence. I mean, we didn’t have the pleasure of social and then a platform that gave you the name a number. And so you had to really call up. There’s only a couple of ways right? There was mail or door-knocking or picking up the phone and saying, “Hey, I wanna speak to the person responsible for x.”

Luigi Prestinenzi: Now, you know, we were all running it. Everybody. Now cadence is not a new thing. It’s for successful salespeople. From the greatest man, Og Mandino. The greatest salesperson in the world. It’s something that the greatest, the high performers will always do. I suppose it’s become a term that’s quite known in the last couple of years. But why did I become passionate about it? I’ll tell you why I became passionate about it. Because without having some form of cadence, your pipeline activity is not there.

Luigi Prestinenzi: And if you look at what makes a successful sales professional, it’s not the closing component. It’s not what they do at the end of the sales process. It’s the open. And it’s the pipeline. And I will always come back to that. Successful sales professionals get two things right. It’s the way they show up, it’s their attitude, it’s their mindset, and it’s the pipeline. It’s the way they manage their pipeline. The only way you can ensure that every month you don’t just hit quota, but you exceed, is by having enough pipeline activity. And that comes from running enough cadences and having the right sequence, and having the right activity, and having the right energy to ensure your pipeline is full.

Darryl Praill: That was one of the first lessons I personally experienced and learned in selling. Was, you would build up your activity, and you get the pipeline building up. And now you’re working the pipeline ’cause in those days. You know, I was both sales development rep and account exec, I did everything, right? The models were different back then. And then all of a sudden, you’re busy trying to close business, and you don’t have time to go continue to feed the pipeline.

Darryl Praill: So for three months, you’re busy as hell, you’re not gonna deal, you’re closing deals, life is good, you’re counting your money. And also one day you go to work, and you realize, my deals are done. And I got nothing, which means I’m taking another three months to build a pipeline. So I’m gonna be living on Kraft Dinner for three months, and ramen noodles until I get back to that point. And I learned the hard way that your cadence was essential if you want to make sure that you were always gonna be able to feed yourself, and hit number, your quarters, and keep your job.

Get the Fundamentals Right

Luigi Prestinenzi: Absolutely. And you know what, it really hit me hard. In 2012, it was December of 2012. And I had what I thought was a huge pipeline. I was going into Christmas. I had insane deals closing, you know. They were closing. And then, one-by-one Darryl, they all said, “We do it after Christmas.” “Not the right time, something has become a priority.” And then before I knew it, my pipeline just got dry and dry.

Luigi Prestinenzi: And I went to Christmas, not meeting target, in a lot of trouble thinking, “Holy crap, what am I gonna do?” And you know what I did? For the first week of my Christmas holiday, was jumping job boards looking for another job. It may be sudden, not for me. And it wasn’t until I made a decision, you know, coming back to work to say, “No, what will happen if I change jobs?” Well, if I don’t change my mindset and my thinking about driving pipeline activity, I’m gonna be in the same position in six months time, right?

Luigi Prestinenzi: So I made that decision to be obsessed with filling my pipeline. Being manic. And I used that word, be manic. Have so much goddamn activity that it doesn’t matter if somebody doesn’t close today. And as you know, Tony Hughes talks about it. Opening is the new closing. So the more we open, the more we feed it, the more activity we do ensures that you know what, we’re never having to stress about that one deal.

Darryl Praill: One of the things that jumps out at me is I find a lot of people want to do this, but when they go to start, they don’t know where to start. Or they don’t know how to do it, or they’re just kind of like, I know, paralysis by analysis. So if I want to actually have an effective cadence, so I can feed the pipeline and not have to serve the job boards, where I’ll just have to repeat the same mistake. Where do I start?

Luigi Prestinenzi: Yeah, It’s a great question. And you know what, for any SDR, for any Inside Sales Professional, doesn’t matter if you’re new or you’ve been doing this for a number of years, the key to running any cadence is, you got to get the fundamentals right. You’ve got to know your ICP, your Ideal Customer Profile and your buyer persona.

Luigi Prestinenzi: Now you might be going, “Jesus, that’s a lot of work.” No, it’s not. If we don’t know our customers, if we don’t know our prospects, and what you know, what a day in the life of our prospect looks like, and the buyer personas that we need to engage in that prospect, then how the hell are we able to serve up content that’s gonna compel them to take action and engage with us. And so the very first thing we need to do before we make any level of activity, we need to understand our buyer. Because if we don’t understand their buyer, what we are doing, we’re serving our own need.

Luigi Prestinenzi: Engaging with them because we want to fill our pipelines. It’s not about us. It’s about helping our customer achieve a better state. And if we don’t understand what impacts them, what is preventing them, what industry issues that they have, then we’re not delivering on what a sales professional is meant to do, which is help serve their customers achieve something better. So the very first thing we need to do, we need to really understand the Ideal Customer Profile and the buyer personas within that profile.

Darryl Praill: One of the things I tell every sales rep who listen to me is to your point, which is really interesting. Is I say, “Stop guessing at the buyer persona and the ICP. “Just stop it.” And there’s this really cool thing that they invented a couple years ago, I think it’s called a phone. And you pick it up. And and you can actually get a live connection with your existing customers, who like you. And you can say, “Help me understand your world, and what you do, “and why you use us, and all that wonderful stuff. “And what did you do before? “And what do you do now?”

Darryl Praill: Get in their heads, and extract every morsel of information you can and make a habit of doing this. Like, you can do it once a week, just once a week. Bing bing bing bing bing and circle back six months later the guy you talked to six months ago. And do it again if you want to, because you’re gonna get something new every single time. And that gives you a real understanding of your buyer, but also gives you stories that open the cadence with new prospects, which is what everybody loves, storyteller.

Luigi Prestinenzi: Absolutely.

Darryl Praill: I’m gonna stop there for a second. I’m gonna go and tease everybody to say, “When we come back, “Luigi made a comment in the greenroom before we went live.” And I’m going along the lines of, have the balls to. I’m gonna stop it there. We’ll have a little fun with the commercial. And when we come back, you’re gonna say, “Okay I’m with your damn commercial, “have the balls to what Praill?” So don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back.

Pick Up the Phone

Darryl Praill: Okay, everybody’s like they probably didn’t hear the commercial at all because they just wanna know. Have the balls. Have the balls? Have the balls to what? So Luigi, I know my ICP. I know a buyer persona, now I need to have the balls to…

Luigi Prestinenzi: Pick up the phone.

Darryl Praill: So why do you say that, have the balls? I know why I think you’re saying it, but I wanna hear from you why you describe it so beautifully. By the way, I love that statement. Why do you say that?

Luigi Prestinenzi: Well, because, I often and I’m not, I’m a guy in what I do, for those who don’t know me, is I get in there. I mean, I’m in sales teams. I mean, if it’s an Inside, if it’s an SDR, if it’s a marketing response team, I’m there, I’m taking calls, I’m on the phone, right? And the best way for me to learn how I can help sales professionals, is do what they do.

Luigi Prestinenzi: So, and one of the challenges I see, is so many people create all this extra activity outside of picking up the damn phone. And I’m so passionate about it saying, “Yes, you can warm them up on social.” Everybody says, “You’ve got to use social “to engaging the prospect, and all that crap.” But if you don’t actually get them into a conversation, your ability to influence and take him into the pipeline is zero. And so, we know that that the phone cuts through. Yeah, there should not be a reason that you don’t pick up the phone. We have, and Darryl, I mean, I’m not that old, we’re not that old.

Luigi Prestinenzi: But back in the day, we couldn’t get cell phone numbers, it was very difficult. We live in a world, right? We live in a world where we can actually get somebody’s cell phone number online. We can get their cell phone number, their email address. So what is stopping us from engaging with them? So the first thing I tell us is stop everything else. Stop emailing, just pick up the phone. And if they don’t answer, then send them something. And then do it again. And do it again. And do it again, until you get a point of engagement. And people say, “But I don’t wanna call them everyday.” Or, “I don’t wanna send them a message everyday “because that’s harassing them.”

Luigi Prestinenzi: And my response to that Darryl is, “How many notifications, how many emails do you get “every single day?” And is it because they’re ignoring us? Or is it just because they’re being saturated with so many different messages, they just don’t see our communication. I mean it happened between me and you. I may not, you know, we’re great mates. For everybody that doesn’t know, Darryl has been on my podcast and it didn’t work well, so we have to do it again. To be fair, it did. It was use that stupidity era from Walcott. But Darryl, I’m a big fan of what Darryl’s about. And it wasn’t that I was ignoring him it was that, my LinkedIn messages are just insane.

Darryl Praill: Life got busy.

Luigi Prestinenzi: You’ve got emails, you know what I mean. You’ve got WhatsApp. And then I’ve got a client that uses Slack. And then I’ve got teams and then I’ve got text message. You’re blowing up with how much messages that are coming through. So this is the life of a customer. This is the life of how the same thing is impacting our prospects. So if we do not have the courage to pick up the phone, then we shouldn’t expect to have a healthy, robust pipeline.

Darryl Praill: All right. So I love that you’re saying that. And I love that the cadence conversation so far hasn’t gone into you know, what’s the right playbook? Is it seven touches in seven days? And how many channels? It’s just, what Luigi is saying is, is at its essence, it’s just about, in using a Nike tagline, Just Do It. Just figure out your ICP and your persona. Just know you’ve got to hit them relentlessly. Just have the balls to pick up the phone.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Darryl Praill: You also talked about the fact that maybe you weren’t back in 2012 for example. Maybe you weren’t holding yourself accountable. I see so many people talk a good game, but allow themselves, like me, like me. Remember I said I had shiny object syndrome to get distracted. So how do we ensure that doesn’t happen? I’m gonna guess the answer is, well, mate it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable, you’re a big boy. But I mean, how do you do it? What do you tell your clients?

Luigi Prestinenzi: Well, when it comes to holding yourself accountable, you just gotta get it done. We can set KPIs, you can set performance metrics, but at the end of the day, if you don’t wanna get it done, you will never get it done. And one of the guys that I’ve been coaching for two years, and when I started coaching him Darryl, he was on the brink of getting fired. And I’m gonna say that he is actually coming to OutBound, by the way. And he was on the brink of getting performance manage, and he said, “Oh Luigi, I don’t know what’s happening, “and I’m doing everything I need to, “and I’m doing everything you tell me.”

Luigi Prestinenzi: And I looked at him straight in the eyes and I said, “Okay, let’s look at the data.” And off we took the information off the dollar and what do we find, his talk time was non existent, and his calls per day were basically not even half of what he was meant to be doing. So my question to him was, “Are you doing enough to get your pipe “to a point of success? “You can tell me what you wanna hear. “Or you can actually look and make a decision “that you’re gonna change.”

Luigi Prestinenzi: And you know what he said, “I’m going to make a decision to change. “I’m not doing enough.” Lo and behold four months later, number one. He number one in his team, and absolutely smashing it. Not because of the skills that I helped him build, because he made the decision to do the activity. And so for me, it’s saying, no one can make you do something if you don’t wanna do it. You have to make the decision to get the job done.

Darryl Praill: So you’re right. And let me explain for the audience what I’ve done in those situations. ‘Cause I know me. Part of holding yourself accountable. This is a big part, I think. Me personally ’cause it probably makes sense ’cause I got a feeling it ties back to Luigi’s personal mindset. Is I recognize I’m self-aware. I’m self-aware of my weaknesses.

Darryl Praill: So when I’ve had to do stuff like this, I get myself an accountability partner, somebody who’s actually gonna check in on me, not like, Luigi’s doing for his client, a coach does this, but it could be a colleague, it could be your spouse, I don’t give a shit who it is. Find yourself an accountability partner who will hold you accountable, not judge you, but ask those hard questions. And it’s a safe environment. And by the way, usually it’s reciprocal. You are also holding them accountable. That’s what makes it work. That’s one thing. Now, Luigi.

Luigi Prestinenzi: Absolutely.

Plan for It

Darryl Praill: I’ve said multiple times. I have shiny object syndrome. I’m not alone though. So for that rep who gets distracted, I mean accountability is one thing, I get it. But how do we stop from being distracted? What have you seen work? Well, you know, this might sound very basic, right? But turn the friggin notifications off in your phone. I don’t have notifications on my phone because I’m like Cuban. I’m like, you know semi ID, bloody D, something comes up I’m looking, right?

Darryl Praill: So turn the notifications off on your phone. Turn the notifications off on your laptop. Make sure your time block, so put things into your calendar. So if you actually need to make gym plan. Say is, block an hour a day. If you have to do that, put it into your calendar. Plan like you’re seeing a customer. Plan your day, like a professional does. Add key times when you respond to email, get in early. In order to get the best outcome is, you’ve got to plan for it.

Darryl Praill: So turn notifications off. There’s a customer that I’m working with and he’s got a sign on the back of his chair that says, “Leave me, I’m dialing.” Too busy, I’m dialing. And people know not to talk to him during that time, because he’s really focused. So there are little hacks that you can implement, that’s gonna help you stay focused.

Luigi Prestinenzi: So, I talked already about time blocking. And it really was, for me, a lot of what Luigi just said. When I close everything else, I put my phone, and my tablet, and my watch, on Do Not Disturb. So I didn’t have any notifications. And by the way, here’s the beauty. Like on my phone, if my wife calls, it will ignore the Do Not Disturb the way it’s set up, ’cause she’s a priority. And I will get that call. So I’m not abandoning the important people in my life, but I’m getting rid of the noise. I shut the door. I do everything I need to do, I have the right environment, I just get it done. Because if I have notifications, I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with inbox zero.

Luigi Prestinenzi: So an email comes in, I gotta do it ’cause it’s there, now. And I’m obsessed with social media because I do so much of my interactions that way. So someone comments on something I’m tagged in, well, I gotta go check it out because, what if they’re trash talking me? And I gotta give them, what for? So, by turning that all off, you just get shit done. And what’s beautiful about that is that, when you’re done getting shit done, and you feel good ’cause you held yourself accountable, it’s still there for you to catch up on. Emails, you can do now do, the social stuff, you can now do, decode the water cooler, talk to the guys.

Luigi Prestinenzi: Whatever you wanna do, I don’t care. Now you have one more thing you said in the greenroom that I wanna give you a chance to close the show out. Your final 30 seconds. You used the terms, “Be obsessed.” What does that mean?

Darryl Praill: Look, being obsessed, it’s about really, just like an elite athlete. It’s something that you do every single day. And it’s about looking, you’ve got to continue to drive your cadence every day because what’s incredibly awesome about running cadences is, you’re sending different messages across different channels. And you can actually have a look.

Luigi Prestinenzi: And this is what I love about John Barrows, and he’s coming up on your webinar, Darryl. The famous JB is, he talks, if you could go back in time. He would test. He would look at the different messages and continue to test, and review, and say what’s working. So that’s why you’ve got to be relentlessly focused. You’ve gotta be obsessed. And you’ve gotta take the opportunity to execute and review. Because if you do that, and it’s a task that you do every single day, you’ll never have to worry about pipeline fatigue or having an anorexic pipeline. Or what I call pipeline-itis.

Luigi Prestinenzi: I like it. Pipeline-itis, you heard it here, folks. Pipeline-itis. As for J Barrows, Mr. John Barrows. I was just with him two days ago at a workshop, he and I were at together. Upon sharing the stage, and we got to talk about cadences. And one of the things that I brought up was ’cause I’m surprised he didn’t bring it up first, was testing. As soon as I brought it up, he was like, “Oh my god, yeah, you gotta test continually.” Like he was all over testing. So you’re 100% right. John is a rock star. We’re out of time. We’re probably beyond time.

Luigi Prestinenzi: But you know, it was a good time. So it’s all about the right time. Now’s the right time to say, if they wanna learn anything more about you, and follow you, and all the cool stuff. What’s the best way? Please comment, subscribe to my podcast, Sales IQ Podcasts. We have some insane guests, including Daryl coming up. We also have the famous Seth Godin coming up, and you know, I flew 26 hours to go and interview Seth. It’s a long journey to go and see him in New York. So Sales IQ Podcast, which is on

Luigi Prestinenzi: And also connect with me on LinkedIn. I love LinkedIn. And, hit me up, tell me what you love about Darryl. Tell me what you hate about Darryl, and I won’t tell him. It’ll just be between me and you. So that’s where you can find me Darryl.

Darryl Praill: And be obsessed when you tell him what you hate about me, and be relentless. Have the balls to say it, so there we go. With that, we’re done, folks. Another week has gone by. I hope you’ve had fun today listening to The INSIDE Inside Sales Show. I’ll see you soon. Take care, bye bye.