Everybody has an opinion. Whether it be insightful, genius, misguided, or even just the rantings of an obnoxious troll, wherever you look opinions are easy to come across. These varied opinions can enhance or destroy even the most enlightened dialogues, and often can lead us to wonder what we ourselves are bringing to these conversations. Are we helping or hurting our cause? Does our process change when selling during a recession?

In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl is joined by a special guest who is making a record third appearance – the legendary Benjamin Dennehy, the UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer. Darryl and Benjamin forego the normal podcast routine and rant about the issues facing sales professionals during a global lockdown. They trade barbs on such issues as the “Give Back Movement”, selling during a pandemic, and just being yourself. You’re not going to want to miss the fireworks in this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!







Host: Darryl PraillVanillaSoft

Guest: Benjamin Dennehy, The UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer®


Rants for a Pandemic

Darryl Praill: You know, I gotta start the show, folks! I gotta start the show with a rant! Yep, I’ve been thinking about this. You know, sometimes, I’ll be straight with you, I won’t sugarcoat this. I have like, the two sides of Eve. I have, you know, a situation where I can feel this way, and then i can feel that way! And it’s conflicting inside of me. And maybe you’re the same way, let me give you an example, “I like to shoot straight. “I like to have an opinion!”

Darryl Praill: Now! I’m not as vocal and as direct and as in your face as many online are, but I’m certainly more vocal and more direct than the majorities. Go with that. Okay! And I like to shoot straight! But I shoot straight from the premise of having a conversation! Cutting through the BS! Just putting it out there, stop being you know, I don’t wanna say, not be politically correct. You know, you want to be tactful and sensitive!

Darryl Praill: But, you know, let’s not sugarcoat it! I want to make sure you understand what I’m saying! And I hear you! And so I will go on a rant and I will call BS, if it makes sense! And I’m sure you, many times either, “Do yourself or you wished you would!” Because as you all know, it just sometimes save cycles. So there’s that side of me. There’s that side of Darryl!

Darryl Praill: And then there’s the other side of Darryl, the fundamentally hates it, when I get trolls and people who are just trying to leverage, you know, any following, they may perceive I have and they’re just trying to antagonize me and instigate and be just obnoxious in my face, in response to my being direct! Social media posts, videos, whatever it might be! And you know why? Because inside despite this rough and tough and you know, rugged exterior, that you see that you say to yourself, “How is it possible to know that you look good, “and you sound good, and you’re just so damn nice?”

Darryl Praill: Despite all that, I’m just a soft, tender sensitive guy inside! And when my feelings are hurt or you say something that is just rude or obnoxious or wrong, I go off! And a big part of it for me is half the time in this whole BS world that you respond to me or you post something. Maybe it’s not in response to me, your just posting something! You’re just doing it for likes or clicks. And half the time, what you’re saying is wrong! It is misguided. It is ill informed and you my friend, if you’re that person, you are affecting the success of another young or emerging sales or marketing professional, who looks up to you for whatever reasons and says, “If you say this, “this must be true!”

Darryl Praill: And they go and do it. You were doing it to stir the pot and get likes and shares. They thought you were doing the real thing. They implemented what you said and they failed. And half the time they’re not even smart enough or experienced enough to know they failed. I hate that. Bugs the shit out of me! Just being candid! That’s the world we live in, is it not? Social media, emails, phone calls, we all have an opinion these days, we’re all marginalized. We all have small groups. This is where it’s so hard to have our voices rise above! It’s difficult. It’s why you have to be tactful! It’s why you have to be respect-full, when you talk to your counterparts. And when you have that kind of healthy discourse, life is good!

Darryl Praill: What I love about social media, what I love about talking to you, folks, is that when I do that, and you reciprocate, Oh man, it’s magic! It’s magic! It’s magic! And everybody listening reads that, watches that. You’ve probably done it yourself and you’ve observed. And you’ve said, Yeah! Half the time, you’re saying, “Yeah!” Because Praill called it out. Or the other half, you’re saying, “Yeah!” Because somebody argued with Praill. I don’t care in that case, because we’re having a healthy conversation. We’re having an adult conversation! We’re having a fun conversation! That’s what I love. So I need to balance my inner feelings, my toughness, my resilience to the criticisms, and the trolls that I get with my desire to speak truth.

Welcome Benjamin Dennehy

Darryl Praill: So I said to myself, “Darryl, you’ve not gone “on a good rant in a while!” Normally you like to debate! Normally you like to call up individuals and say, “I disagree with you. Let’s have a chat!” And I was feeling pent up. I was feeling home bound as I worked for a moment. I said to myself, “Who in this fine land of ours, “so I have a relationship with that I can call him a putz. “Tell him he’s wrong! “Argue with him till I’m blue in the face! “Have him trash talk me back “and still go for a beer with afterwards?”

Darryl Praill: Because I want to have a debate! I’m feeling the need to argue! If you haven’t guessed it, I’m going to share something with you. Today’s guest is setting a record! We have never ever had anybody back here a third time! Just because there’s so many great people to talk to. This individual’s shows, his podcasts are in the top five downloads all time, of the INSIDE Inside Sales show! And friends, he’s a pain in the ass! Welcome Benjamin Dennehy, the UK’s most hated sales trainer! How you doing, my friend? Looking good in your red cap there, where your face is!

Benjamin Dennehy: Very good! Well, thank you very much! I wore them just for you. And as I listened to your rant, I just thought to myself, “I have so much sympathy for your producer, Daniel, who’s got to sit and listen to this over and over again.” He is suffering more than anyone during this pandemic.

Darryl Praill: You know he lets me know! He says things like, “Hey, Darryl, can you “not come on to the recording” until like one minute before we start “because you’re really obnoxious and annoying.” Now, he lets me know! Daniel’s great for telling me– Actually, Daniel’s a good example of why I like honest conversation. He’ll say, “You look like shit Praill! You got to fix your lighting, fix your hair, frame yourself better.” “You really decided to wear that shirt with that jacket? “You may want to change that!” And I value that!

Benjamin Dennehy: Good!

Darryl Praill: So, what have you been doing these days? Okay. I want to set the stage for– Before you answer that,

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes?

Darryl Praill: You are the UK’s most hated sales trainer! Not everybody on the show has met you before. While you are legendary, you are not universal! So I have to ask, “Why my friend?” For those who are ill informed, who are naive, who are unaware of your magnificence! Why are you the UK’s most hated sales trainer?

Benjamin Dennehy: Because I made it up! And I realized that if I said it, no one would ever forget me! But I also speak some pretty blunt, cold, hard truth. And I upset a lot of people. And I upset a lot of people because I challenge the status quo. And I asked people to behave and act in a way that most find extremely uncomfortable. They all believe deep down that logically, it makes sense. But therein lies the problem.

Benjamin Dennehy: I spend most of my life helping people get out of their head-trash. Most people, themselves don’t want to be there! Most people, themselves are only there because they couldn’t get a job as a social worker. As I say, they found the only legitimate way to meet strangers and not be required to have sex! So it’s tinder, for ugly folk! And they don’t like it when I point these sorts of things out. They call themselves professionals, but they behave like rank amateurs! So my job is to rattle their cages, piss off a few people and in the profit– In the meantime, make a fat pile of cash doing it!

Darryl Praill: So, did you just hear what he just did here? I mean, listen to what he just did! He just insulted every single one of you. He called you ugly, and he said you couldn’t get a job anywhere else. And then he boldly declared that he’s doing it on purpose so he can make a fat pile of cash. And now my friends, now you know why A, he’s the UK’s most hated sales trainer. And you know, B, why he’s on this show right now? Okay!

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes!

Darryl Praill: Daniel, I know you’re listening. So don’t say anything. But make a note, never to have Benjamin on the show for a fourth time! Okay. So, Benjamin?

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes!

Darryl Praill: I brought you on to rant!

Benjamin Dennehy: Right!

Darryl Praill: Total sidebar before we do this. Okay. It involves its seriousness! Google, “The UK’s most hated sales trainer.” You’re going to go to his website. All right. It’s beautiful! Check out all this content. Check out his videos in all sincerity. He’s got a number of videos where he actually goes through– He’s the king of cold-calling. And he actually shows you how to cold call! And he shows you all the tools he works. Benjamin’s a big fan, you got 30 seconds to get the job done. It’s just brilliant! Or go listen to the previous podcast, that’s too! The other thing is, you got to follow him on on LinkedIn, because I’m telling you just the humor and the insights and the trash talk, that alone, let alone the wisdom, totally worth it! Because that’s me talking to you folks! Okay. That’s out of the way! Benjamin?

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes.

Give Back Movement

Darryl Praill: What, right now, you’ve got to have a rant at this moment in time! What is the most recent thing that stuck in your craw that you just want to put out there and debunk and debate. And I cannot guarantee that I will agree with you. In fact, I may disagree with you! And if that’s the case, we’re going to go at it! So, your turn, what’s bugging you, man?

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, the number one thing, it’s obviously very time specific to this current pandemic. And that is the, “Give Back Movement.” The number of supposed either sales experts or leaders in fields or whatever it is! I don’t care who it is! But it’s all about, “Let’s give back in these tough times!” And so we’re putting aside our fees and we’re just gonna put on stuff for free because we care. We’re there with you! We’re like Tony Blair and George Bush! We’re shoulder-to-shoulder as we screw up the Middle East.

Benjamin Dennehy:  So it is utterly, utterly shallow! It is fake. It is meaningless drivel. It is often being led by people who struggled to sell in the good times, and now they found another reason to try and stay relevant without actually having to make any money. So I hate it. I think it’s rubbish. I’ve done nothing free in the last month! We’ve been locked down in the UK now five weeks! I have sold absolutely everything.

Benjamin Dennehy: And I have no intention of doing anything for free. I have run some competitions, because, you know, just having a bit of fun! But I’ve done nothing for free. And I haven’t participated in activities where they want you to do stuff for free, because it’s just rubbish! It’s stupid. It means nothing. And if you have to give it away in tough times, I guarantee you probably couldn’t sell it in good times! That’s why I hate it!

Darryl Praill: So, Benjamin, I’m not going to say which side I’m on, but I am going to be Mr. Contrarianist, for the sake of the debate. I think you’re being a dick! And this is why I think you’re being a dick! All right. It’s tough times. People, not every industry is selling. You’re selling! But I can tell you, you know, in our install base, people who are in hospitality, people who are in professional services, many of those individuals are truly, you know, they’re calling into empty houses. There’s no one there! There’s no one answering the phone that you know– People are entirely laid off! The entire event industry has been decimated!

Darryl Praill: You know, we’re hiring former event salespeople that we used to work with, because we know them so well. They’re so good. Because they’ve all been let go and laid off and with their dynamite! So what you’re talking about is one view of the world from Benjamin Dennehey. And it’s myopic. It’s insular! You’re not getting it! What you’re also not getting, is the fact that when I do this, I’m building up goodwill. Maybe I’m giving it away for free to my install base. Maybe I’m giving it away for free to my followers. But when times get better, I’m going to be top of mind. They’re going to appreciate that. And when it gets competitive, it’s going to be me that they choose because I wasn’t a dick! At least, that’s what I hear! How do you respond?

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, it’s just rubbish! I mean, look, the guys that give stuff away for free, won’t be off to sell it when it’s going good again. It’s a simple fact. There’s this idea that there’s loyalty. The only loyalty really in the world is to family. In business, there is no loyalty. If somebody can come along and offer you something better at a better price and you believe it’s better, you’ll drop them or you’ll drop an existing supply at the drop of a hat! Because that’s what business is about!

Benjamin Dennehy: Yeah, there may be some misplaced loyalties every now and then, but most of the time, most people at the end of the day are independently selfish. They pursue their own best interests. These guys offering all this stuff for free aren’t doing it because they care, they’re doing it because they know they’ll become an irrelevance! So this isn’t about helping, It’s about remaining in the forefront of people’s minds. But of course, the seed you’re sowing in the forefront of people’s minds is, well, you kind of had to give it away.

Benjamin Dennehy: And now that, you know, I’ve got money and I can spend my money, you know, deep down, I’d rather give it to someone that I couldn’t actually afford when I needed them. So no. I think in the long run, it doesn’t achieve anything! You may get, of course, get a handful of people that come back to you, but you’re probably gonna get the cheapest ones. The guys that may have bought for you in the first place. But no. I don’t see how it achieves anything! Yes. There are a lot of people in certain sectors and industries that can’t sell. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to develop yourself, to prospect! This is what I’ve been pointing out and a lot of people don’t get it. Nothing’s changed!

Benjamin Dennehy: There is not less money in the world! Companies don’t have less money. The only thing that’s different is when you phone them, they’re probably more likely to be sitting on the toilet, than they are to be sitting in front of their computer. That’s all that’s changed! And in fact, I think you’ll find people at home, if you do prospect now, are more willing to talk. And I’ve discovered this for several reasons. One, they probably got more hours in the day back! No more commuting! There’s none of those two hours either side. Yeah. So there’s none of that hassle! I had a guy phone me up.

Benjamin Dennehy: Normally when somebody phones you up to talk about, you know, changing power supply, you give them short, sharp shrift! But I said, “You’re out of here!” And we talked, and I went and got my Powerball. Because I had the time and I was at home, and I did it! So look, there are plenty of people that can be out there selling. Yes, you may be in a sector that’s been hit hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be prospecting. There’s going to be huge spending bonanza once this is over. Remember, there’s not less money! People are sitting on it. They’re gonna spend it!

Darryl Praill: I love it. I can’t argue! The points that really jumped off the page at me, is that people are inherently– They are inherently selfish, despite anything that people say otherwise. And if I can save a few bucks, I will still get a few bucks! If all things are equal, I’ll play the loyalty card. And your other point that ripped off another page, I mean, is that, who I’m likely to get after the fact, are the ones who are cheap! The ones who want you to go, you know, deliver three times what they’re paying for! And all of a sudden they’re no longer a profitable customer. There’s truth in that!

Darryl Praill: So you make some valid points. As you listen to him and his– Don’t get full of yourself. Come on! That’s an exception. You and I both know it! As you listen to him, are you thinking to yourself, I need to rethink? What I do see is too many of you are being overwhelmed by people in your organization saying, “We need to give it away!” And you need to push back on them and say why? Exactly as Damn it! Play the section back. Sit back, let them listen to it and then say okay, “Let’s talk!” But we’re out of time! It’s time for commercial. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.

Selling During a Recession

Darryl Praill: The rant will continue! Okay, so you said something in the last segment. That, you know, everybody is working from home right now! And people are saying you can’t sell! I mean, you’re saying, you know, I can imagine having more conversations! You’ve shared with us, that you’re booking deals, you’re delivering training and services. I think you suggested that you’re independently wealthy and you’re going to share with all your Canadian friends. I’m pretty sure that’s what you said! But, my friend! I do hear this! I hear despite what you’re claiming, that you cannot sell during a pandemic! You cannot sell during this global recession that we are, suddenly in the midst of! Is that true? Where are you on that? Is that a rant or we’re gonna agree and move on?

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, of course you can keep selling! People selling PPE, are probably making a killing! Supermarkets, toilet paper makers. These guys are making absolute fortune. Amazon is killing it! People haven’t stopped buying stuff, they’re just changing their buying habits! And I read this the other day, and I’m miking it because it’s good. Crisis’s don’t create problems. They simply expose weaknesses! And all this pandemic has done, has exposed weaknesses in businesses.

Benjamin Dennehy: And the key to a business, In fact, I believe it’s the key to all human life if you’re an evolutionist. It’s because it’s all about the ability to adapt and modify when times change. And a lot of companies are realizing that maybe they weren’t prepared for when it got tough! And a lot of salespeople realized that the skills that they had when things were going okay, in the bad times, they’re not that good! You see, good salespeople can still sell in tough times. Nothing’s changed. It’s harder, I’m not gonna lie to you! But that’s when the cream rises to the top! I can guarantee you, good salesmen have not been furloughed. The only people furloughed, are those that the company feels they can afford to let go! The people that make the money, they got to keep them on board! They got to keep them happy! So no! There is no reason not to sell.

Darryl Praill: Okay. So here’s when I push back on you! You know, I can guarantee you there’s a definite notable percentage of the audience listening to this show right now, who has been furloughed or outright let go because their organization was unable to sell. Unable to sell! So you’re telling me it’s possible! But if it was possible, then for the love of God, please tell me how the hell those people are sitting on the bench? Are you suggesting that, that individual listening to this show right now at home is not good? Because you said the cream of the crop rise to the occasion! You told me that. So explain that for me?

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, this is when a lot of managing directors or CEOs or presidents will be looking at their sales force and thinking, “I don’t know “if we really need all of them!” And they will do the culling! And there’s going to be a glut of sales people on the employment market once this is over. Because tough times make companies to make different decision, different choices. And now start to realize, you know, most of our sales were coming from a handful of our guys. What we need to do then is to streamline and get better at that.

Benjamin Dennehy: Focus on those people. Find more people like them! So I’ve always said this too, If you are a real salesman, and that’s gonna piss some people off! You should really be self employed. You should be like a hired gun!” Because at the end of the day, everybody is self employed! But those that choose to work for a company only have one client! And look what happens when you only have one client in tough times, you get furloughed!

Benjamin Dennehy: Now, if you have sales, skills and ability, you can tout your wares wherever it may be. I’m lucky. I’m a sales trainer. And, but that’s by choice! It’s not like I was forced to do this, I chose to do this. And for several reasons, I weighed up things in life and figured out that this is one of the things that will probably always make money. And I say that because of this, “Do you know what percentage of people “during the gold rushes “of the great gold rushes of the 19th century, “do you know how many of them got rich?

Darryl Praill: I know it’s extremely small.

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes, like less than 5%! Do you know who made the money during gold rushes, where the money was?

Darryl Praill: This is what I know, it’s the guys who sold them the pickaxes and the supplies. They’re the ones who made the money!

Benjamin Dennehy: Exactly. Denim jeans and Levi’s and pans and picks! This is one of the things you need to figure out, Is what can I sell? I sell sales turning in good times, but I can also sell it in bad times because it becomes, and sometimes, in the good times, it’s considered luxury! In the bad times it becomes a peck, it becomes a shovel! And I made a very clear strategy at the beginning of the pandemic. I sat in my lounge and I said, “What am I going to do for the next month or six weeks? “How am I going to make money, “if I can’t go out doing in-house training?”

Benjamin Dennehy: And I thought, “Easy!” Right now there’s a load of people out there that probably would love to come on my training. They either can’t afford it or they can’t get to me. I guarantee they got three to 400 quid that I could take! And I’m going to take it! And that’s exactly what I’ve done for the last month. Over 70 people have been on my boot camps, directly as a result of that strategy.

Darryl Praill: I want to emphasize something here, right? Because guys you will give excuses, sometimes. I give excuses sometimes. I get it right. All right! There’s always a reason why we can’t do something. But this is really important to say right here. With no disrespect to Benjamin, he may be the most technologically illiterate guest I have ever had! All right.

Benjamin Dennehy: It’s true!

Darryl Praill: This is a man who bought a Chromebook, thinking it was a real computer. Okay! So I’m not making this up! So why is this relevant? Because Benjamin said, “I’m gonna go online!” And then he did it! And he made a shit-load of money doing it. He pivoted and just chose another channel. Now, you mentioned something, when you talked about, you know, I’m gonna get in trouble for this! You know, you should be maybe self employed because if you work for one person, look where you are now when you’re furloughed!

Darryl Praill: Okay. It was the mid 2000s. I was laid off, for the first time in my life! I was laid off because we had just flipped the company! And the acquiring company laid off the entire management team unexpectedly. We thought they were buying the company and us! Turns out, they just wanted the company. So, I sat like you, I sat in my lounge and I said, “What the hell am I going to do? “I didn’t see this coming!” I’ve still got bills and everything else. And I had come to Jesus moment, where I said, “Okay, Darryl, “if you’re the marketer you think you are, “then now’s the time to market you!” And within two weeks, I have four job offers!

Darryl Praill: So my point being, in moments of desperation, come opportunities! What others say, “In chaos is both crisis and opportunities.” Is that not what they say? So, or maybe crisis is chaos and opportunity! But you get the idea? Opportunity. You just have to see it! You have to see it. You have to want to see it! Okay. We’ve killed that topic.

Benjamin Dennehy: Okay.

Being Authentic

Darryl Praill: I saw you the other day, Benjamin! You reacted! You reacted exactly as we talked about, me opening a rant! You reacted! And, I know you don’t always react! You reacted to Daniel Disney! And I won’t go into details. You can do it if you want to. But the premise was, sometimes you know, guys, here’s my best advice for you, just be you! You need to be authentic. Now, I have given that advice many times! I’ve said to them, “You need to be authentic!” So, you know, that’s why you hear me shooting straight. That’s who I am. My wife, my kids, hate me! I always think I’m right. That’s who I am. Of course, they’re wrong. They’re stupid! Do you agree with that? Because you reacted to him. So talk to me about that!

Benjamin Dennehy: Oh, yeah. Why it’s a symptom of modern society, where it’s never your fault for failing. It’s the world’s fault! And as long as you are you, as long as you are true to who you believe you are, then you’re doing fine! And that’s all that matters. But that’s complete bollocks! You can’t be you, particularly if you was naturally a dick, naturally annoying, maybe naturally rude, naturally abrasive, naturally stupid. I mean, there’s lots of things about you that people wouldn’t want to have anything to do with. So no.

Benjamin Dennehy: You have a responsibility to improve yourself. You have a responsibility to change! The world owes you nothing! You can’t just get up and say, “Love me, world, for who I am.” No! The world will say, “You’re just another bloke. “There’s nothing special about you.” So no, just be you! Just put your thoughts or your ideas out onto the internet. And it doesn’t matter what people say! Well, actually it could! You could be wrong! You could be talking total tripe! Just being you, won’t say, I’m going to ignore all of that and pursue this message or idea doggedly. No! You can’t be you! Being you is, well, it’s just mad! What you need to be is constantly learning, constantly changing, constantly adapting! Because if you can do that, when challenging times come, it’s a lot easier to adapt, and to change. Just being you, you’re gonna be furloughed!

Darryl Praill: Okay. You’re stupid again! You’re just being stupid again! I’m going to explain why you’re being stupid again, okay? Is because, I’ll use me as an example. Maybe not a good example, because I would fall into your analogy, your metaphor, your description where you say you’re probably stupid! You’re probably rude! You’re probably annoying! Yeah, that’s all me! But I was able to use all of that in my online persona, in my social media, in my advice, in my video production, in the approach I take to it, in the topics I choose and the guests I choose! I was able to channel all that!

Darryl Praill: And I’ll be candid with you, though sounding egotistical, I firmly believe in the feedback I’ve gotten, is because I’m me, I stand out amongst the noise! Now, I’m not a top dog. I’ll never be a top dog. But I’m not a bottom feeder, and I’m not lost in the background! So if I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now! Now to give you a little bone, I was intentional about channeling that because I knew it would react.

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, I was feeling the same!

Darryl Praill: Yes. And I was smart, I only pick topics that I know will actually add value. I want to be perceived by my audience as adding value. So I was me, but I was intentionally me! So I’ll give you a little bit of that!

Benjamin Dennehy: Yes. It was deliberate, it was purposeful, it was choreographed!

Darryl Praill: Yes!

Benjamin Dennehy: It’s technically therefore slightly inauthentic! You see, because it is programmed and done deliberately. That’s fine! I don’t have an issue with that. But the idea that you should just be you all the time, particularly online or when you’re out selling! No, I teach people that if you are you in a sales meeting or on a sales call, you’re probably gonna fail, because you deep down are a little bit of a loser! You believe you need to be liked. You believe you need to please people? You believe you can’t challenge? No, that’s you! The salesman can’t be like that! The salesman’s has got to believe he can challenge! He can upset people, so long as he does it in a controlled and deliberate manner. So no. Being you will only get you so far! It’ll get you through the front door!

Darryl Praill: But the problem with that approach– the buffet too many times! The problem with that though, is that if I do what you’re saying, then I would suggest that I’m being a poser. Right? I am being somebody who’s not me. And that’s

Benjamin Dennehy: Well, I didn’t say it!

Darryl Praill: You didn’t say it? Okay!

Benjamin Dennehy: I think the viewer could make their own decision on that one. So, yeah!

Darryl Praill: Okay. Oh, you’re such a shit-head! Okay, next. I’ll save this one for the end. You get 30 seconds. All right! As I’m trying to get under his skin here! Benjamin, I’ve watched your videos. They’re all staged. They’re all contrived. The audience says the same thing. Many people have tried your advice. They’ve all failed! Your claims are bullshit. That’s my rant!

Benjamin Dennehy: Oh, you want me to respond to that?

Darryl Praill: Well, I just love seeing that stupid look on your face, that long pause, as you’re going shit–

Benjamin Dennehy: I noticed because the first thought that went through my head was well, usually is what I hear, “That it’s tough!” I don’t care!

Darryl Praill: It’s tough. Yes. Well, yeah. Okay. Yeah, that’s fair! There are many out there who think–

Benjamin Dennehy: The only people whose opinion actually matters in business are the people that are paying you! And if they’re happy, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says! So yeah, there’s a lot of people that will say what I do won’t work! And it won’t work for a lot of people because if you don’t know why you’re doing something, you can’t just copy it! So I get a lot of people try and copy what I do. But because they don’t know why, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it the way I’m doing it? Merely copying it doesn’t help you! So people can say what they want about whether it will or won’t work. It won’t work for everybody. I’m upfront! Going to the gym won’t work for everybody! Going on a diet won’t work for everything! Doesn’t mean diets and gyms don’t work, does it?

Darryl Praill: Folks, I’ve squeezed every last minute out of this episode, I could! We are out of time. We could keep on ranting with this man all day, but what I want you to do, is I want you to follow him because the entertainment and the wisdom, and the advice and the perspective just continues online.

Benjamin Dennehy: Unparalleled!

Darryl Praill: He is unparalleled! He is the UK’s most hated sales trainer! This my friends is, Benjamin Dennehy. Three-time guest here, top five all time podcast! Follow him. I love this man, even if he’s a moron! We’re out of time! My name is Darryl Praill. This is the INSIDE Inside Sales show! Take care, folks. I’ll talk to you next week.