Business Challenges

Cogent Analytics helps transform core business processes and systems for greater flexibility, higher efficiency, increased performance, and decreased costs. It identifies and analyzes the current state of business operations to identify inadequacies, then recommends a course of action to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Cogent wanted to move away from a manual reporting system to one where call performance could be collected from a self-contained system. Collecting call data from daily tracking logs and transferring it to reports was time consuming. A checks and balances process was needed to compensate for human error. This process would take up to one week for one department. The company also needed a way to manage leads throughout the sales process. Especially challenging was collecting data and tracking appointment setting activities. Another requirement was the ability to record calls for quality review and give feedback to the team.


“We’ve seen a 40% increase in appointments with VanillaSoft’s call-activity dashboard and immediate reporting.”

Margie Howell, VP of Internal Operations Cogent Analytics


VanillaSoft’s Impact

VanillaSoft’s call-activity dashboard enables Cogent to see immediate performance results. Time spent on complete analysis reporting was reduced by 86%. Data is now collected electronically and can be effectively queried on demand.

Managing and tracking leads is easier with VanillaSoft’s automatic lead routing. Leads can’t be ignored or lost, and can be grouped by team or campaign. Also, VanillaSoft enables teams to set appointments for field sales reps via the self-contained calendar and appointment setting modules. Since implementing VanillaSoft there has been a 40% increase in appointments set.

With VanillaSoft’s call recording feature, managers can now access a recording of any call at any time for quality review. This has become an invaluable tool for both training inside sales reps and improving communications between inside reps and field sales reps.

VanillaSoft is the perfect solution to meet Cogent Analytics’ needs, almost doubling appointments set, as well as giving it the capability to record calls for review, quickly run reports, and more efficiently track and manage and leads.


“With VanillaSoft, our data collection and review for reports went from one week to less than a day.”

Margie Howell, VP of Internal Operations Cogent Analytics


VanillaSoft features used most often:

  • Call scripting
  • Call recording
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead-based routing
  • Custom field edit and update
  • Data query and reporting
  • Email templates
  • Report generation
  • Call-activity dashboard


Spotlight on Cogent Analytics

Cogent Analytics creates new perspectives for business processes, and cost-effective, end-to-end solutions to ensure success.

Industry: Business and Professional Services

Headquarters: Greensboro, NC

Founded: 2014

Acquired VanillaSoft: 2014

Specializing in:

  • Increasing business performance
  • Business analysis
  • Sales performance training
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Wealth enhancement
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