Business Challenges

Production was at a standstill at Drs. Orders & More, because managers had little control over the flow of leads and routing them to teams with its list-based system. Sales reps scrolled through the list picking and choosing which accounts to work while leaving others behind.

Important leads were ignored, lost, or fell out of the system. Drs. Orders required an automated, queue-based contact management system that ensured an efficient, team-based workflow of data. Workflow management was critical to properly managing inside sales operations.

Drs. Orders needed the flexibility to assign customers to different queues or teams based on their current status, need, or request. The ability to categorize and prioritize user assignments after a call was important to streamline operations, and had become a major challenge for the company to effectively service its customers.


“We decided on VanillaSoft because we loved how user friendly and simple the interface is to use. On top of that, we increased dials and efficiency.”

Jillian M. Smith, Office Administrator Drs. Orders & More


VanillaSoft’s Impact

VanillaSoft provided the solutions needed for Drs. Orders More. VanillaSoft’s rules-based routing defined more robust contact routing options. Management can adjust the settings to route all contacts to the right person at the right time, which ensures every account gets the attention it needs. Sales reps are now required to handle each and every assigned account rather than choosing to ignore or cherry pick leads.

Drs. Orders has complete manager flexibility to monitor and change any workflow or queue at any time. An automated team escalator controls different aspects and levels of workflow by spinning off lead types to different queues. For example, after completing the call a sales rep can select a custom code that routes the account to the verification team or customer support team. This enables the call to get special attention from teams dedicated in those areas for better efficiency.


“VanillaSoft helped us make more calls and get more sales. The queue-based routing ensures that every account gets attention.”

Jillian M. Smith, Office Administrator Drs. Orders & More


VanillaSoft features used most often:

  • Automated team workflow
  • Call scripting
  • Contact routing and result code
  • Data query and reporting
  • Custom field edit and update
  • Automated lead status update


Spotlight on Drs. Orders & More

Drs. Orders & More provides professional retrieval solutions that guarantee a higher document return percentage than most companies get in house.

Industry: Business Services

Headquarters: Nostasulga, Alabama

Founded: 2008

Acquired VanillaSoft: 2011

Specializing in:

  • Document retrieval of physician’s orders and medical notes
  • E-fax and fax blast services
  • Live, recorded verification of patient phone calls
  • Customized recordings in multiple formats
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