Business Challenges

Nationwide Telemarketing is a company specializing in business-to-business appointment setting, customer surveys, lead generation, email marketing, and periodical renewals.

The company was struggling to compete with larger companies and grow the business. It didn’t have the ability to track and monitor calls, or manage day-to-day operations with just a land line and an Excel spreadsheet. Call time was wasted, with calls often delayed because of slow manual speeds and misdialed numbers. Reports were difficult and time consuming. Nationwide would spend an hour double checking report numbers for accuracy.

In addition, Nationwide could not monitor calls for training or record them for client review. Clients often wanted proof that calls were made and to review them for quality control. Nationwide had no way to comply with client requests or satisfy their needs. The lack of call history proof left the company vulnerable to lawsuits.


“I chose VanillaSoft because of the ease of use, price, and excellent customer service. VanillaSoft responds quickly to any requests.”

Connie Edwards, President/Owner Nationwide Telemarketing


VanillaSoft’s Impact

After implementing VanillaSoft, Nationwide Telemarketing won larger client accounts and increased new employee hiring by 70%. Clients were happy because they could review a record of the calls, creating greater client satisfaction. In addition, the recordings helped the company prove its case in a lawsuit..

Nationwide also increased call productivity and efficiency. Preview dialing automatically dials the next-best lead with one click, enabling agents to quickly make more calls with fewer mistakes. Agents can review contact information before initiating the call, making them better prepared to make the sale.

Training has improved with call monitoring, and managing daily operations is more efficient. VanillaSoft enables managers to run reports in minutes instead of an hour, and there’s no need to double check the numbers. VanillaSoft’s automated reports ensure that the numbers are correct. Customized scripts also allow agents to use specific scripts for different situations, ensuring that the correct message is conveyed to the prospect every time.


“VanillaSoft has taken my company to the next level. I can now play with the big boys and grow my business.”

Connie Edwards, President/Owner Nationwide Telemarketing


VanillaSoft features used most often:

  • Call-activity dashboard
  • Call scripting
  • Call recording
  • Appointment setting
  • Custom field edit and update
  • Data query and reporting
  • Email templates
  • Report generation


Spotlight on Nationwide Telemarketing

Nationwide Telemarketing operates a virtual work environment using remote employees.

Industry: Telemarketing

Headquarters: Wahoo, Nebraska

Founded: 2005

Acquired VanillaSoft: 2013

Specializing in:

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Surveys
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