Companies that apply CRM software and other sales lead tracking systems have a higher lead-to-close ratio. We’ve seen it here at VanillaSoft countless times.  An organization’s overall productivity level and bottom-line are significantly impacted by using a lead tracking software. Those that are fumbling between multiple spreadsheets are missing out and likely losing sales from a poor buyer’s journey.

Lead software efficiently funnels prospects through to the sale. Take a moment to consider your brand’s sales journey. Is it streamlined and effective, or disconnected and underperforming? Is management in touch with current sales numbers and forecasted sales at all times? Are you making it easy for your representatives to make calls? Below are seven reasons your brand can boost sales performance by tracking leads.


7 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using Sales Lead Tracking Software

sales leadsIncreased sales numbers, that’s pretty much what every business owner wants. The B2B Lead found that “sales reps ignore 50% of marketing leads.” Tracking leads can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and all leads are contacted and accounted for. Though a spreadsheet will work for tracking leads, investing in technology is the better option with room for scaling up. You’ll be amazed at how much more your team can accomplish with automation and an easy to use platform.

  1. Organization is key. Both salespeople and management teams work more efficiently when the data they’re working with is organized. A few examples of how leads can be arranged are by:
  • Stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Lead status (qualified or unqualified)
  • Lead source
  • General segmentation based on company size, demographic, industry, etc.
  1. Improved efficiency. Sales lead tracking software keeps salespeople moving. By cutting back on repetitive data entry, your representatives can focus more on tasks that generate revenue, i.e. making calls. A benefit for management on this note is their ability to check on a lead’s status at any time without disrupting their sales team.
  2. Personalization is expected. Today’s consumers expect personalization, and I don’t mean referring to them by their first names. Your messaging and the content delivered to them should align with their stage in the buyer’s journey. VanillaSoft offers workflow scripting, customizable templates, and automated messages to create targeted communications.
  3. Better reporting and forecasting. Current lead data is always available to management and other team members. Having the most up to date information at your fingertips allows for more accurate predictions. This data can easily prove ROI of marketing tasks and bring to light needed improvements of lead generation tactics.
  4. Retain more customers. Once a prospect has transformed into a client there’s still work to do. A centralized data system creates ease on renewal dates and when carrying out customer services tasks like responding to inquiries or following up.
  5. Improve the sales process. Data gathered in the journey to the sale – for those that make it and those that you lose – can be applied to future steps in your sales funnel. Management will be able to see what’s working well and what isn’t.
  6. Lead distribution is easier. Instead of manually routing leads, products like VanillaSoft route leads based on parameters input by management. Aspects you may want to consider when routing leads among your sales team include:
    • Region
    • Salesperson’s experience level
    • Previous history of contact
    • Time since lead submission

Anyone can see how beneficial it is for organizations to adopt a sales lead tracking software. Don’t waste the leads that the marketing team is generating. Use technology and automation to keep tabs on every lead that comes through.

Tips for Motivating Your Sales Team

sales inspirationAnother way to lift sales performance is to fuel your sales team’s motivation. Motivated employees are more focused, committed, and lead to happier customers. Whether a seasoned professional or a new caller, a little encouragement goes a long way.

  1. Create competition. Healthy rivalry around the office is a good thing. Offer an incentive to your sales team that everyone on the team wants. It could be something tangible like a gift card, or simply recognition. Public praise is a self-esteem booster and shows employees that their hard work is being noticed.
  2. Provide the opportunity for growth. Be transparent with your staff on how their devotion to your brand will pay off. Also, give employees the freedom and encouragement to be innovative in their roles. If someone is highly interested in social selling, let them experiment with it. According to HubSpot, “social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.” It’s worth a shot!
  3. Deliver regular coaching. Your employees want to succeed, and you expect certain results. The question is, are you helping them to develop their skills? Note both their strengths and areas of weakness that need to be improved upon in your routine coaching.
  4. Set reasonable, yet challenging goals. Targets that are not easy make things interesting and keep employees engaged. Goals should be specific, challenging to attain, but also practical in scope.
  5. Openly and clearly communicate with your sales reps. Involve your employees in decisions and ask them for feedback. Doing so will show them that their opinions are valued and that they’re a part of the team effort for the brand’s success.

Combining sales lead tracking software and an engaged, motivated team of sales representatives will set your business up for success. A consistent flow of calls is possible with a CRM and will drive the sales team to stay active and focused. With our product, management can quickly and easily monitor sales campaigns, the sales staff can conduct lead scoring during calls, and queue-based routing productively distributes leads. Find out more about VanillaSoft’s Lead & Sales Tracking features here.

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