Not so many years ago, we would click on a few icons, wait for a report to generate, review the report and feel pretty good about the control and speed we had over our data, salespeople and results. Well friends, in a world of instant gratification, reports seem like yesterday’s news. Today, we want live streaming stats, and we demand that our sales software provides them.

If your Lead Management, Telemarketing, Prospecting or Inside Sales Software can’t tell you instantly and at a glance exactly what is going on with your leads, campaigns and sales team, you may be missing big opportunities and wasting your hard earned capital. In today’s marketplace, there are too many great software choices to drive your sales efforts that can deliver live dashboards streaming the results of each and every call by salesperson, lead source and campaign. Without question, having key data in real time in a format that allows for instant, actionable understanding is all but mandatory in today’s fast paced selling environment.

I often hear the following question: What about paralyses by analysis? Isn’t real time data just another distraction? Any data or report can distract you, but I live in a world where knowing is better than not knowing, and knowing today is better than knowing tomorrow; and knowing now gives me the opportunity to take action now. Here are a few examples and practical uses of real time streaming stats.

Company Acme has just started a few new campaigns. They have purchased an expensive list and have also launched a new marketing campaign that is driving inquires to their website, and those are flowing to their sales team. In addition, they have callbacks on prior campaigns and prospects to follow-up on. Real time stats can give the sales manager a live look at how each campaign is performing including:

Real Time Stats and Live Dashboards allow a sales manager to: 

Track Live Campaign Performance:

  • by lead source or type
  • by team or group
  • Right Party Contacts
  • Conversion Rates
  • Reach Rates

Track Live Sales Rep or Sales Team Performance:

  • Summary of sales calls by call results
  • Detail of an individual’s efforts
  • Compare individuals to the group
  • Watch trends through the day
  • Spot coaching needs before it is too late

Real Time Stats give a sales organization the ability to ensure that the best

opportunities are being worked by the best sales people. Success is expedited while risk is mitigated.

Having data in real time as it happens allows the sales manager to make real decisions that can expedite the success of one campaign and mitigate the losses of another. In addition, the sales manager will be able to make decisions as to labor demand on a per project basis and shift resources to ensure the best and most profitable results are realized. Stop guessing or waiting on reports. That is yesterday’s news.