Sales by phone agents have long work days and do not always have a lot of down time.  Thursday, October 24th, is Take Back Your Time Day!  We’ve become so entrenched in working long hours that we had to create a special day to remind ourselves that we need to take some time to relax and enjoy life.  Sales agents are constantly working and networking so it’s extremely difficult for them to get down time.  Here are some tips to help you start taking back your time.

sales productivity


Identify Daily Objectives/Goals

Nowadays, most people are multi-tasking in their jobs and it can sometimes be overwhelming.  If you’ve got multiple things to do each day, it may sometimes feel as though you don’t know where to start or like you didn’t really accomplish anything at the end of the day.  Make sure to set daily goals that are obtainable within your workday.  This will help you to stay more focused and accomplish more by the end of the day.

Stop Wasting or Misusing Time

Each day sales by phone agents spend a lot of time researching, responding to emails, looking up numbers, leaving messages, etc.  The list can go on and on.  Find ways to maximize your productivity in your workday with lead management software.  For example, VanillaSoft offers auto dialing software and message drop features that allow your sales agents to avoid wasting time on tasks that are not a good use of their time and focus more on increasing productivity.

Stick to Your Work Schedule

It can be easy to get caught up in working past quitting time hours.  There’s always something else that needs to be done, but it will still be there the next day.  Obviously, there will be times where you need to stay late to meet a deadline or a special issue arises; however, this should not occur each day.  VanillaSoft’s calling period feature will help your sales agents take back control of their work and personal lives by only allowing calls to be routed during certain times for specific time zones.  This feature not only helps to keep your sales team on track, but also creates a happy customer.

Happy workers make hard workers.  Make sure to take time today to identify ways to help your sales agents take back their time professionally and personally.  Identifying the right tool for your sales team is the key to increasing productivity and decreasing wasted time.  Sign up today for VanillaSoft’s free trial to see what the #1 software for sales by phone can do for your business!