Let’s talk about your mistakes. 

Wait, don’t bolt! What I mean is, let’s talk about overcoming the mistakes you unknowingly make when B2B appointment setting. Less scary, right?

There’s a wide variety of B2B appointment techniques to know and keep up with, but having insight on how not to drop the ball is just as valuable.

When you know the common appointment setting mistakes others have made, it’ll be easier to prepare your own strategy to avoid them. 

That way, you can focus on optimizing your appointment setting and nurturing activities — you know, the stuff that gets you to a payday. To see more paydays, these are mistakes you need to avoid like the plague when B2B appointment setting.

1. Taking mental notes of client updates

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You have long days. You (hopefully) talk to a lot of prospects. So… maybe you cut corners here and there and say to hell with updating your customer relationship management (CRM) records.

You’ll remember everything and note it all later; you tell yourself — no harm, no foul, right? 

Not quite. “Outdated CRM records [are] one of the major reasons why sales representatives lose opportunities to fix appointments,” a blog post from Exclusivecalls explains.

It might feel like you’re relieving pressure from the burden of nurturing contacts across the sales pipeline but make no mistake — neglecting to update CRM records while you engage prospects is a B2B appointment setting mistake you don’t want to make. 

Here’s what you need to start doing: Add notes to a CRM profile during every B2B appointment setting call. Watch how much more prepared you are for the call and ready to deliver personalized pitches. 

2. Schmoozing duds instead of studs 

Mistake number two: You’re targeting the wrong audience, ya goof. 

I hate to break it to you, but a schedule chock-full of calls means diddly if they don’t lead to beaucoup bucks.

When you engage unqualified leads who don’t match your ideal customer profile, you waste valuable selling time that could be better utilized to set appointments with leads that will buy.

(Plus, while you make calls for the hell of it, your competitors get to have a field day with the qualified leads you could land. No bueno.)

To have more successful interactions when B2B appointment setting, do this before you dial:

  • Build a precise buyer persona + understand your target audience through market research 
  • Create marketing content that appeals to them specifically
  • Implement appointment setting software that prequalifies leads 

3. Using tools that slow you down

How are you setting appointments, anyway? 

If you want to follow the best practices of B2B appointment setting techniques, do yourself a favor and avoid using CRM or appointment setting platforms with insufficient built-in functionality

Trust me; the lack of customizability and precision holds you back from setting more new B2B appointments than you think. 

Take the time to find the right sales engagement platform with appointment setting custom features that can help you:

  • Call the next-best lead based on your criteria (and automatically follow-up with them!)
  • Bypass objections with logical branch scripting that keeps you on message.
  • Nurture leads that aren’t ready for an appointment.
  • Automatically set appointments in the next free calendar time slot.
  • Track sales made, appointment quality, rescheduling needs, and more.

And that’s not even all of it — find the right platform and B2B appointment setting will never be the same again. 

4. Keeping ‘em guessing (but not in a good way)

When booking an appointment, new customers want to know what to expect and what they’re committing themselves to,” a blog post from AppointmentCare says.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised.

Unfortunately, a common B2B appointment setting mistake is to leave your prospects hanging without the information they need to know:

  • An in-depth overview of the services you provide or the products you offer. (Duh.)
  • Costs associated with the steps beyond setting an appointment. 
  • Prep work they need to complete before the next appointment.

And, of course, always ask your prospects what they want to know  — otherwise, they might just lose interest in your poor communication skills and bounce to the next vendor. 

Think of yourself as a buyer. Don’t you always want to know what you’re getting into before committing? 

5. Oof — turning a blind eye to customer feedback

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Doing business without soliciting customer feedback doesn’t work out for anyone — unless your product sells itself, in which case… where can everyone buy your money tree?

Business consultant and leadership expert Ken Blanchard said it best: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

The sooner you get that customer feedback is necessary for the success of your B2B appointment setting goals, the quicker you can implement user suggestions to improve your skills and strengthen your processes.

Ultimately, acting on their recommendations keeps your customers happy. And remember: Happy customers are loyal (read: buying) customers.

6. Setting appointments in (dis)organized chaos

Whether you do your own B2B appointment setting or you’re leading the role by your lonesome for your sales team, the same rule applies — no shortcuts here.

Rule: Stop making the mistake of going commando and create a replicable procedure to manage the crucial details of a customer’s appointment more effectively once it’s set. 

If you don’t have a clear system in place, details can get lost or overlooked, and your customers will end up unhappy. If you want to retain your customers — and not just attract a constant stream of new ones — you need to take care of them,” says Larry Alton of Small Business Trends. 

Take note of this B2B appointment setting technique: Once a customer makes an appointment, make sure the information is properly documented, viewed, and handled by the right people. 

There are a million little moving parts when setting B2B appointments. If you and your staff don’t have your shit together, expect mix-ups, overlapping appointments, and unhappy customers. 

Good thing there’s efficient scheduling software platforms like VanillaSoft to keep an eye on all those parts for you… just sayin’!

Tired of no-shows and canceled appointments? Check out this eBook to see what you’re overlooking about how today’s customer operates, the best way to schedule appointments, and more.

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